Vision & Mission


Providing a platform for students having interest in entrepreneurship to develop their leadership qualities so that they can innovate, incubate and setup new businesses following ethical practices and create employement oppurtunities for other students.


1. To Evolve and spread out the new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practices.
2. To enhance and promote entrepreneurial culture and provide motivation, guidance, opportunity to students to innovate, incubate and set up new businesses.


1. To inculcate within the faculty and the students the need and importance of enterprise development.
2. To promote culture of innovation among the students to solve exsisting problems in their domain.
3. To enable students to remain self-reliant in their employment.
4. To foster within the academic community the ability to provide innovative technological and business ideas and connect them to peers, mentors and incubators.
5. To provide the facilities and trainings for the skill and vocational development with formal education.
6. To strive for building a rapport with the leading educational institutes who are well versed with EDC.
7. To nurture the social entrepreneurship by providing hands on training as well as distance education.
8. To develop self-esteem of young entrepreneurs through mentorship and networks.
9. To develop network with angel investers and funding agencies from India and abroad.

Short Term Goals (2 Years)

1. To conduct several activities over the year to provide the platform to students for innovation and incubation of new business ideas and products.
2. Impart entrepreneurial education & skills amongst students through various Workshops, Trainings & Hands on work.
3. Arrange vibrant interactions with individuals & organizations promoting the cause of entrepreneurship.

Long Term Goals (5 Years)

1. Develop minimum three business incubators at the University supported by state or central government agencies.
2. Enable University students to develop at least fifteen new startups.
3. Create corpus fund to support new startups with the help of government agencies, invester communities, and existing startups from Universities.