School of Commerce, Management and Research

Dr.Yasin Sheikh

Designation : Professor and HOD SCMR, Director IQAC

Qualification : Ph.D. in Business Management from RTM Nagpur University, MBA marketing & Human Resources, B.Sc. Microbiology

Experience : 32 Years

Prof. Rajesh Ubale

Designation : Associate Professor (SCMR)

Qualification : Ph.D. (Pursuing), M. Sc. Statistics, MBA

Experience : 23 Years

Mr. Arijit Goswami

Designation : Associate Professor (SCMR), Program Head MBA

Qualification :Ph.D. (Pursuing), MBA (Marketing & HR), B.Ed., BJMC, B.Sc.

Experience : 16 Years

Dr. Bhavna Prajapati

Designation : Associate Professor (SCMR), Program head BBA

Qualification : Ph.D. , MBA (Marketing and HR), BBA

Experience :19 Years

Dr. Gunjan Mishra

Designation : Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (Psyclology),M.Phil,MBA,MA,BA, (SET)

Experience : 23 Years

Dr. Debasis Mohanty

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : MBA, Ph.D(Finance)

Experience : 12 Years

Dr. Minal Uprety

Designation : Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (Statistics), MBA Operations

Experience : 17 Years

Dr. Deepali Dandwani

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification :Ph.D, MBA, BBM

Experience : 7 Years

Dr.Menka Sharma

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D, MBA(HR and marketing) , BBA

Experience : 4 Years

Prof.Joydeep Dilipkumar Banerjee

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D.(P),MBA,B.Com

Experience : 27.4 Years

Dr. Khushboo Sohan Sahu

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D, MBA,B.Com

Experience : 12 Years

Prof.Indu Patel

Designation :Teaching Assistant

Qualification : MCA, BCA

Experience : 5.5 Years

Ms. Aakanksha Sharma

Designation :Teaching Assistant

Qualification : MA (Economics), BJMC

Experience : 5 Years

Prof. Kshama Pandey

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D(P),B.Ed,M.Sc,B.Sc

Experience : 6.9 Years

Dr. Paritosh Dube

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D,MBA,M.Com,NET,PGDCM

Experience :19 Years Teaching, 3 Years Industry

Mohammad Faisal Khan

Designation : Trainer

Qualification :Ph.D(Pursuing) MBA (Marketing & International Business Mgmt.), B.Sc. (Biotechnology)

Experience :10 Years

Ms. Shailja Bakshi

Designation : Assistant Professor (SCMR)

Qualification : Ph.D. (Pursuing), MBA, B.Com CS, M.Com, UGC-JRF , UGC-NET, CG-SET, MP- SET

Experience : 8 Years

Hareesh Kumar Barman

Designation : Assistant Professor (SCMR)

Qualification : Ph.D. (Pursuing), UGC- NET (Management), B.E.(Mechnical), MBA

Experience : 7.5 Years

Mukesh Bhojwani

Designation : Associate Professor (SCMR)

Qualification : Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Com, B.Com

Experience : 14.10 Years

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