MBA iConnect

The School of Management & Research has a different approach towards offering its Masters Program in Management that are Industry Relevant. ITM University is a part of ITM Group of Institutions which has been imparting quality education in Management Studies since 1991.

Pursuing MBA iConnect from our institute equips you to face the worlds modern day challenges by tapping potential with the help of:

5 months of Internship Project

Career Development Workshops

OB Lab

Live Industrial Projects

Research Activities & Co-curricular Activities

Case Writing Workshop

Self Assessment,

Career Profiling,

Competency based mock interviews,

Aptitude test training and GD practice

Personalized Coaching

Top-notch Faculties with industry experiences & insights

Knowledge Enhancement Series

Managerial Skills
Knowledge imparted in iConnect MBA program extends out in developing managerial skills for Candidates. These skills provide the essentials for dealing with real-time situations pertaining to management and resolution of problems.
Developing Business Expertise
MBA iConnect provides an added advantage for students from non-business backgrounds. By earning an MBA iConnect degree, you increase your practical knowledge in the field of business administration. Most of the Business Schools recognize MBA both as a Professional and Academic degree.
Career Advancement
An MBA iConnect degree helps you in quickly climbing up the corporate ladder with a handsome salary package alongside a respectable designation. According to a recent survey, high performing successful MBAs are more likely to reach top management levels of Fortune 500 companies and other corporate areas. MBAs with specialized skills are commonly selected to lead start-up companies.
Recession Proof Degree / Job Security
An MBA iConnect degree provides a combination of elective and specialized courses wherein by training candidates to handle complex business situations. Thus, having an MBA iConnect degree assures sustainability of your job in the organization. The demand for MBAs rides high even during global economic recession.
Starting Your Own Business
An ideal MBA iConnect program helps you in becoming business savvy. The skill-set taught in MBA Provides you with the hands-on training for dealing with real work business problems. Eventually, you can branch out as an independent entrepreneur: running your very own successful business.

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