Post GraduateMBA Dual Specialization

MBA Dual Specialization (Choice Based Credit & Grading System & Outcome Based Education)

The MBA Program is offered by ITM University Raipur with the objective to create a leader for the future. The innovative and relevant curriculum fosters the talents imparting Holistic Education. The MBA course is a two-year (four semesters) program with dual specialization.

This course offers a blend of theoretical, practical, and required skill exposure to the students through regular classroom teaching, Seminars, Conferences, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Industrial Visits, Internship Projects, Live Projects, MOOC course, Training, and development programs. The Program not only develops leaders but also endows them with lifelong skills by inculcating the spirit of inquiry via case-based learning. The department has top notch and expert professors with industry experience in the fields of Marketing, Human Resource and Finance to deliver the best knowledge to the students.

Course Overview: Department of Commerce, Management and Research focuses on building conviction with impartiality and modesty, creating an enabling environment for innovative thought processes, and nurturing open-mindedness, equitability, and perseverance with the vision "to nurture the young brains, to make them better employable and socially responsible citizens by encapsulating them with the right set of knowledge for a better tomorrow."

The MBA programme intends to give the following: A conducive environment that holistically engages students through an all–encompassing knowledge impartation, Research orientation, Developing entrepreneurial skills, Sound theoretical foundation and Practical & professional skills Exposure.

The Program will help students to:

Apply the knowledge of commerce and management theories and concepts to solve business problems.

Foster and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making

Ability to understand, analyse and communicate financial, legal and ethical matters of business.

Ability to lead themselves and others for the achievement of organizational goals contributing effectively and efficiently to the organizational environment.

To acquaint with conventional as well as contemporary areas in the discipline of Management.

To be well versed in national as well as international trends.

For conducting business, management, and research practices.

To understand the role marketing, finance and Human resource in the smooth functioning of an organisation.

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