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Master of Technology (M.Tech)

Intellectual alertness, creativity, and talent for innovation go into the making of an engineering leader today and continue to be essential for professional competence tomorrow. The candidates selected for admission live in pleasant surroundings of intellectually stimulating campus, use the most modern equipment and laboratory facilities available, and go through the specialized courses designed to meet the challenges of the future. The teaching methods rely on direct personal contact between the teachers and the students. Living in such an environment with people having similar goals and aspirations is an exciting experience during one’s academic life and is of considerable value in one’s professional career.

ITM University offers following master programs:

M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering ( Production Engineering)

M. Tech in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

M. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security)

M. Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power System)


You can choose M.Tech from Faculties of Egineering' from Specialization with the following specialization :

Mechanical Engineering :

Production Engineering

Master of Technology in Production Engineering is a 2 years full time postgraduate course which is divided into 4 semesters. This program includes designing and installation of integrated systems for equipment, human and materials, and processes in order to increase the productivity of goods.

M.Tech (Production Engineering) is designed to impart students with various aspects of Production engineering through introductory and advanced level courses, followed by the research within their field of specialization. Our Master’s program is aimed at assisting students acquiring proficiency in their chosen area of specialization through comprehensive course work and extensive in-depth research. This program culminate into thesis/dissertation. Our production engineering lab includes advanced CAD, CAM softwares, various high precision CNC machines, industrial robot and 3D printer as listed below:

Siemen’s NX CAD Software

Siemen’s NX CAM Software

5-Axis CNC Mill

2-Axis Lathe

5-Axis Tal BRABO Robot

3D Printer

Civil Engineering:

Environmental Engineering

M.Tech. in Environmental Engineering covers the science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment. The program aims to develop and design systems for waste treatment as well as impose regulations for the protection of environmental segments. Environmental Engineering curriculum involves intensive study, culminating with the completion of a research-based dissertation. One of the principal objectives of the course is to prepare students for improving the environment, as also for pursuing advanced research in the discipline. The course’s curriculum integrates theoretical and practical components of the study.

Computer Science Engineering:

Cyber Security

ITM University has created a new approach to the M.Tech CSE (Cyber Security) program. From 2013 onwards, students of the M. Tech programs at ITM University will earn advanced Research techniques in the most in-demand sectors. This advanced Research techniques is not offered by any other Institution or University. Additional subjects have been added to each year of the 2 year program to build up our students with a set of advanced skills that will lead to fast employment and solid career growth. Engineering program involves design development and upgradation of products, systems and processes in every walk of human life. At ITM University, we develop engineers with sound technical knowledge and recent industrial software’s tools. Our objective is to offer students with real life industrial exposure. Engineering curriculum is imparted with active learning methods like Project Based Learning (PBL), experiential learning and collaborative learning. Choice based course selection. We are equipped with highly experienced faculty and strong industry-academia connect. We have incorporated advanced research laboratory, as well as software tools.

Electrical Engineering:

Power Systems

Power is attracting crucial concern globally. This course provides an advanced training in electrical power systems covering the theoretical, practical and management aspects of generation, transmission and utilization of power. The course also covers subjects on power quality and facts, power system reliability, power electronics and drives which are very much needed for today's power system engineer. Projects of practical relevance in these areas of carried out in the final semester of the course.

Modern power systems are gaining increasing importance due to the crucial necessity of the energy sector as well as the rapid advances in power electronics and power management with the aid of advancements in electronics and computer technologies. This course deals with the state of the art techniques in power system analysis, stability, planning, reliability and forecasting. The course provides an insight into the sophisticated methods of power system operation and control using computers. The graduates can pursue their research in the field of power quality, power system planning, power system reliability and application of power electronics to power systems. The student’s project work enhances the student’s knowledge in the areas of real time application of Electrical Power systems.

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