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Training and Placement


The Training and Placement Cell is an integral part of School of Law, ITM University. The T&P Cell works on the enhancement of professional training to all the students of the esteemed institution. The T&P Cell has been established with the goal of assuring thorough training and also to serve the purpose of placements to the students of the institution.

They shall perform on the principles of Democracy, Equity and Justice; no students will be disregarding in any manner, unless there is a justified reason. All the rules and regulations framed by the T&P Cell have been drafted under the supervision of the In-charge of the T&P Cell and have been approved by the Head of the Institution.


The primary objective of the T&P Cell is ensuring successful training and placement of the students and to facilitate the students to establish themselves in the professional legal industry. The Cell will try to achieve the following objectives

To train the students for the professional field, through various workshops and practical training sessions.

To facilitate students with opportunities for internships and placements.

To develop industry-institution relations.

To train the students to match competition at the global level.

“The Training and Placement Cell will focus on the integral training and development of the students to match global standards, the cell will also emphasis on facilitating the students with every opportunity possible to achieve their career goals through various internship schemes and placements to successful students”

Keeping in mind the holistic development of every student that enters the institute, the Training & Placement Cell of ITM University, Raipur strives to provide the best out-of-classroom experiences for its students. These experiences come in the form of guest lectures, internship opportunities, soft skills training, workshops and other activities which help in shaping the careers of our students.

Training & Placement Cell:

Internship is an integral part of the curriculum in the University since it provides a great opportunity for students to gain experience in a domain of their interest, create a network of contacts and develop their interpersonal skills, all this in addition to honing their skills to become a thorough professional in the field of law. To achieve this and much more, students must gain an understanding of the society at large and working with reputed advocates, law firms, NGOs and LPOs will elevate their learning immensely. During the internships, students also have an opportunity to secure PPOs which acts as an impetus for the students to work harder and with great commitment.

Internship Process:

Through internships, students are offered a sneak peek into the real world environment while undergoing a rigorous academic curriculum. Internships are a perfect platform to test and put theory to practice and thus students will be better prepared to face the challenges posed in a typical workplace after their duration of study.

The Training & Placement Cell facilitates internship opportunities in various industries and domains such as:

Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Sessions Courts, Tribunals etc.

Sitting judges

Leading law firms across the country

Reputed practicing and licensed advocates.



Corporate Houses

Pro bono projects.

The process followed by the cell is as follows:

Step 1:

The student body along with the Placement Officer contact Corporate Houses/Law firms/Advocates/Courts/Judges etc seeking internship opportunities for the students.

Step 2:

Depending on the response regarding availability of slots for internship, the students are informed of the requirement and criteria set by the recruiter.

Step 3:

Results are vetted. CVs are gathered and sent to the recruiter for their perusal.

Step 4:

CVs are thoroughly scrutinized by the recruiters after which they inform their decision on recruitment to the T &P Cell.

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