Under Graduate Faculties


Dr. Sitaram Soni

Designation:Professor and Head - SER

Qualifications:BE (GEC Jbp), M Tech ( IIT Bombay), RS (IIT Delhi), PhD (IIIT Jbp)

Area of SpecializationsCAD, CAM, CAE, Robotics, AI, Product Design, Aesthetic Design, Animation and Graphics, Games Design, Virtual Reality

Work Exp: 28 years

Email id: hodengg@itmuniversity.org

Dr. Nitin Kumar Jaiswal

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:Ph.D.(Chemistry), Post Doctoral (Italy)

Work Exp: 12 years

Area of Specializations: Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering, Atmospheric Chemistry

Email id: nitinj@itmuniversity.org

Mr. Dinesh B. Deshmukh

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:PhD (P), M.Tech. (Mech. Engg. Design)

Work Exp: 12.5 Years

Area of Specializations:Mechanical Engineering, CADD, Waste material utilization, Human powered machines, Optimization & design.

Email :dineshd@itmuniversity.org

Dr.N.Kumar Swamy

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech., Ph.D.

Work Exp:Teaching 07 Years & Research 4.5 Years (Worked under DRDO Project)

Area of Specializations:Electronic Materials, Magnetocaloric effect

Email :nkswamy@itmuniversity.org

Praveen Bhojane

Designation:Assistant Professor


Work Exp:Academic- 7 years, Industrial- 4 years

Area of Specializations:Cad/Cam,Robotics

Email :praveenb@itmuniversity.org

Kranti Kumar Dewangan

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech (Information Security),MCA

Work Exp:11 Years

Area of Specializations:Cloud Computing

Email :krantid@itmuniversity.org

Narayan Kumar Sahu

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech(Information Security),B.E.(CSE), SET-2014(Computer Application)

Work Exp:11 Years

Area of Specializations:Cryptography, Computer Networking, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Cyber Security.

Email :narayans@itmuniversity.org

Deepak Kumar Dewangan

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M. Tech (CSE)

Work Exp:11 Years

Area of Specializations:Computer Science & Engineering

Email :deepakd@itmuniversity.org

Rishi Kumar Shukla

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech (CAD/CAM)

Work Exp:11.5 Years

Area of Specializations:Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, production engineering .

Email :rishis@itmuniversity.org

Dr. Ram Prakash Rajwade

Designation:Assistant Professor


Work Exp:10 Years

Area of Specializations:Applied Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Science- Water pollution and control

Email :ramprakash@itmuniversity.org

Dr. Arun Kumar Diwakar

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:Ph. D. (Physics), CSIR-UGC NET.

Work Exp:6 Years

Area of Specializations:Astronomy and Astrophysics

Email :arunkumar@itmuniversity.org

Dr. Chhabi Ram Matawale

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:Ph.D, M.Tech.

Work Exp:5 Years

Area of Specializations:Production Engineering, Materials science, Optimi zation, Supply chain management

Email :chhabiramm@itmuniversity.org

Chaman PAl

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech, B.E.( Mechanical )

Work Exp:4 Years

Area of Specializations:Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power, Computational Fluid Dynamics

Email :chamanp@itmuniversity.org

Monica Sai

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech (NIT Trichy), B.E. (GEC Raipur, Mechanical)

Work Exp:4 Years

Area of Specializations:Thermal Power Engineering

Email :monicas@itmuniversity.org

Ajeet Bahadur Singh

Designation:Assistant Professor


Work Exp:3 Years

Area of Specializations:Machine Design & Analysis

Email :ajeets@itmuniversity.org

Balram Sahu

Designation: Assistant Professor


Work Exp:2 Years

Area of Specializations:Internal Combustion Engines, Thermodynamic, Fluid Mechanics.

Email :balrams@itmuniversity.org

Poonam Sahu

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:PhD (P) (NIT, Raipur), M.Tech (Applied Geology) (NIT, Raipur)

Work Exp:5 Years

Area of Specializations:Rock Mechanics, Engineering Geology

Email :poonams@itmuniversity.org

Rajarshi Gupta

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech(VIT), B.Tech (NIT Agt)

Work Exp:2 Years

Area of Specializations:Structural Engineering, RCC & Steel Structures, Earthquake Engineering

Email :rajarshig@itmuniversity.org

Megha Neool

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:B.E., M.Tech. (P)

Work Exp:3 Years

Area of Specializations:Environmental Engineering, Water and wastewater treatment.

Email :meghan@itmuniversity.org

Shweta Mishra

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech, B.E

Work Exp:4 Years

Area of Specializations:Power Electronics

Email :shwetam@itmuniversity.org

Vikas Bhonsale

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Work Exp:5 Years

Area of Specializations:Numerical Analysis, P.D.E. O.R.T.

Email :vikasb@itmuniversity.org

Priyanka Singh

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:PhD (Pursuing), M.Phil., M.Sc. (Mathematics)

Work Exp:3 Years

Area of Specializations:Fuzzy Logic, Numerical Analysis, Real and Complex Analysis

Email :priyanks@itmuniversity.org

Nivedita Bhattacharya

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech (Cyber Security), BE(CSE)

Work Exp:1 Years

Area of Specializations:Biometrics, Theory of Computation and Cryptography

Email :niveditab@itmuniversity.org

Shruthi Mathew

Designation:Teaching Assistant

Qualifications:M.Tech in power System (Pursuing) , B.Tech (EEE)

Work Exp:1 Years

Area of Specializations:Power System

Email :shruthim@itmuniversity.org

Mohit Kumar Sahu

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:PhD (P),M.Tech, B.E.(Mechanical)

Work Exp:5 Years

Area of Specializations: Composites,Characterization,stir-casting,Multi-objective Optimization,CFD

Email :mohits@itmuniversity.org


Designation: Assistant Professor


Work Exp:1 Years


Email :gauravj@itmuniversiy.org

Deepesh Dewangan

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:MTECH(CSE), MCA

Work Exp:6 Years

Area of Specializations: Networking, Web based applications, Window based application.

Email :deepeshd@itmuniversity.org

Hanish Verma

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:B. Tech, M. Tech(Soil & Water Conservation Engg.), AMICE, M. Tech Structure Design (Pursuing)

Work Exp:6 Years

Area of Specializations: Water Resource Engg.

Email :hanishv@itmuniversity.org

Shanti Swarup Dubey

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:PhD (Pursuing), M.Phil, M.A.(Mathematics)

Work Exp:9 Years

Area of Specializations: I-Function, Topology

Email :shruthim@itmuniversity.org

Yugal Kishor

Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualifications:M.Tech(Power Electronics)

Work Exp:7 Years

Area of Specializations:Power Electronics, Electric Drives, Electrical Power Generation

Email :yugalk@itmuniversity.org

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