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Career Opportunity

A sound career choice is one of the most important decisions in a lifetime for everyone, mainly because of the fact that a wise career option is the pedestal of not only intellectual satisfaction, but also the road to a stable and secure future. Hence, finding the right job for oneself is of a very high priority, especially for fresher's.

One of the oldest career options though, engineering still remains the choicest career option among the youngsters. The stream offers lot of Opportunity for the graduates, who are in great demand in almost all type of organization. Engineers find job opportunity in almost all related industries, academics and research institutes.

The purpose of the engineering programs at ITM University, Raipur is to impart students with a full-fledged infrastructure system consisting of practical job training and innovative interactive learning. Moreover ITM has tied-up with SITRAIN, a Siemens Training Academy which set out a platform to share knowledge and innovation to help students achieve the best results with their systematized solutions.

Whatever be your branch, the scope for engineering is ample. With four main tasks of research and development, production, management and maintenance, an adequate industry experience will further place you as technical specialists or supervisors over a staff or team of engineers or technicians, engineering managers.

Equally one also gets into Entrepreneurship (in technical field) where you can venture into & how to go about it. Engineers works on design and development, in testing, production, or maintenance in varied sectors like Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Telecommunications, Motor vehicle engineering under private & public sector.

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