Job Profile in Hotel Industry

Majorly a service industry hotel management focuses on serving the needs of its customers. Hotel management offers wide applications as a career options.

Key departments of the Hotel Industry: Hotel Managers

The managers are in charge of overall operations of their establishments, controls all the major aspects like finance, services, catering, food quality, decoration, housekeeping etc.

Front Office Manager

Incharge of the work of front end desk, information clerk, receptionists, & other services,coordin other services,coordinate reservations and room assignments Executive Chefs–Head the kitchens under whose direction the asst. chef prepare the menu and meal.

Food and Beverage Manager

Looks after the overall work of the catering departments, plans, organizes and controls the establishments from small informal diners to large restaurants. Restaurant and Food Service Managers–Are responsible for inventories and stocks of daily consumption and usage.Arranges for equipment maintenance and repairs.Maintain records of working hours, shifts and wages of employees, taxes, etc.

Housekeeping Department–Responsible for clean, orderly and well maintained ambience of the property. They supervise training, scheduling and the work of housekeeping staffs, room inspection and maintain the cleaning supplies.

Other Areas


Jump on board and travel the world as a flight attendant. Manage the inflight services taking care of food and beverage, duty free and other customer service requests. Upon landing you are in a new location, traversing the globe on a regular basis.


Make every child’s eyes light up. Manage the overall operations as a member of the leadership team or be ready to welcome amusement park goers behind the desk selling tickets, supervising a food and beverage outlet or controlling the rides themselves.


The gaming service industry is huge and jobs are typically found in casinos or at the racetrack. Someone interested in this career may work as a dealer, slot machine attendant, pit boss or an overall operations manager dealing with the activities, in addition to any lounges or food and beverage outlets offered to the players.


A mash up of sales, project management and food and beverage, this is a fun and vigorous career. Whether you’re a chef creating the menu or coordinator organizing the vendors, this position is constantly on-the-go fielding queries and giving instructions. A great position incorporating sales with event planning.


Head out to sea. Very similar to a hotel, but you are floating from port to port. Work in sales, food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance or security. Maybe you strive to be the big boss, in which case there are a lot of moving parts to oversee 24 hours a day


Work for a firm or start your own business, this career requires a base of experience in order to advise your clients. Whether in hotels, restaurants or travel, becoming an expert in your trade will allow you to give the soundest guidance.


The sky is the limit. Whatever you dream you can create. From opening a restaurant in Miami to offering sightseeing tours of the Vatican in Rome, there is no end to the possibilities in the tourism and hospitality industry. With a little ingenuity, good business sense and creative genius you can start a company of your own and scale to great magnitudes.

Do you think you have what it takes? Employers are looking for competent individuals with both knowledge and experience in the trade.

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