Expert Committee

School of Engineering

Dr. M.S.Mishra (Associate Prof., specialization, Humanities)

Dr. N.K. Jaisawal (Asst. Prof., specialization Applied Sciences, Engg.Chemistry)

Dr. R.P. Rajwade (Asst. Prof., specialization Applied Sciences, Chemistry)

Dr. Arun Kumar Diwakar (Asst. Prof., specialization Applied Physics)

Mr. Siraparapu Satyanarayana (Asst. Prof., specialization Electrical Engineering)

Mr. N.K. Swamy (Asst. Prof., specialization Electrical Engineering)

Mr. D.B. Deshmukh (Asst. Prof., specialization Mechanical Engineering)

Mr. Kranti Dewangan (Asst. Prof., specialization Engineering & Computer Science)

Mr. Gourav Saxena (Asst. Prof., specialization Civil Engineering)

School of Law

Mrs.Debashree Chakraborty (Asst. Prof., specialization Corporate law, pursuing Ph.D)

School of Life Sciences

Prof. Varaprasad Kolla (HOD, Life Sciences, specialization Molecular medicine)

School of Management

Mr. Rajesh Ubale (Asst. Prof, specialization Quantitative Techniques, Research Methodology, Productions & Operations, and Operation Research)

Mr. Anuraag Agarwal, (Asst. Prof., specialization Marketing)

Dr. Ramana Rao (Asst. Prof., specialization Finance)

Mr. Sourabh Guha (Asst. Prof., specialization Marketing and General Management)

Project formats

School of Engineering

School of Law

Intra - College Moot Court Competition (Petitioner) Intra - College Moot Court Competition (Respondent)

School of Life Sciences

School of Management

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