School of Law

Debashree Chakraborthy, "E – Banking: Challenges and Development in India", AJM (Asian Journal of Management) Vol 6, No: 1: January-March: 2015 ISSN 0976-495X (Print) & 2321-5763 (Online).

Debashree Chakraborthy, "Suicide: A Crime or a Mental Illness", Published on Manupatra site dated on 30/01/2015; web link:

Shankar Banerjee, Dark Realities of the Virtual World: CyberCrime against Women; Research J. Humanities and Social Sciences 2014; 5(2): 166-169; ISSN 0975 – 6795 (print), ISSN 2321– 5828 (online).

Shankar Banerjee, Corporate Social Responsibility - A Mutual Relation between Company and Society; International J. Advances inSocial Sciences 2(4): October- December, 2014; ISSN 2347 - 5153

School of Management

Sourabh Guha, "Innovative Marketing Channels In India: Utilizing the Brand Image of Mumbai Dabbawala and IPL" in Asian Journal of Management, ISSN NO-0976- 495X, Vol 5, Issue 2, April – June 2014.

Sourabh Guha,"Woman Entrepreneurship at Weekly HAAT in Bastar, Chhattisgarh" in IJAIR Journal, ISSN NO – 227877.

Sourabh Guha," "Green Business Idea for Chhattisgarh: An Exploratory Study for New Entrepreneur" in MATS Journal of Management and Commerce, ISSN (2348-7879).

Sourabh Guha," A Review on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Indian Cities Paper Presented on National Conference on "Corporate Social Responsibility as a Wheel for Social Competitiveness & Sustainability" Organized by Department of Management, BIT, Durg on 20-21 February, 2015.

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