Research and Development

The Research and Development Cell, at ITM-University, Raipur Campus has been established with the sole interest to stream line and channelize the expertise, ingenuity and creativity of the Faculties and students towards research. The research cell comprises an expert committee consisting of experienced Faculties members from every department who help review and formulate research advancements and organize developmental curriculums. We aim to frame regulations and systematize procedures, to establish scope for innovative research, promote the scientific interests of the students and Faculties, strive to achieve national and international collaborative research projects and research grants and toil to achieve distinguished recognition of the University in the field of Research and Development.


To nurture creative thinking

Imbibe a culture of scientific integrity and research ethics

Encourage research proposal writing by students and Faculties in all departments

Organize regular Faculties Development Programmes (FDP), workshops & refresher courses to familiarize Faculties on the emerging trends in efficient and modernized teaching methodologies

Encourage Faculties to initiate research projects/summer projects/internships with students, with an intention to publish their research work, to signify the importance of their project work, in order to stimulate creative thinking, motivate innovation, demonstrate and assimilate a practical or applied approach to academia.

Promote interdisciplinary research interests

To provide national and international exposure to students with conferences as platform to hone their skills

To inspire unconventional, economical, industry related, and application oriented projects for students

To adapt an academia-industry friendly interaction that will provide students with job Opportunity

Faculties Development programme (FDP) will

Encourage those Faculties members who seek higher education, with special guidance to enable them to register and attain a Ph.D degree from the University’s Ph.D programme.

Organize/Co-ordinate training courses on advanced and latest topics or subjects, related to their specializations/departments, to keep Faculties updated and informed on the emerging academic progress

To assist Faculties with research methodologies and urge them to publish their research work consistently

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