Blog 10-Point Checklist To Choose The Right Engineering College

10-Point Checklist To Choose The Right Engineering College

Have you just passed class 12th and are looking to join an engineering college? You must be anxious about choosing the right one from a plethora of engineering colleges. This anxiousness is fine also, as you are going to make a decision that will impact your life till you retire. Reading this article will solve all your doubts, and will give you clarity in finding the right engineering colleges for you.

How do I choose the right engineering college?

Engineering is a profession that teaches you logical thinking and reasoning behind every phenomenon. So unless you have an interest in understanding logical and reasonable things, you should look for some other profession. But if you have found your interest to be engineering only, and now looking for the best engineering colleges, don’t jump to any college directly.

There are a few questions to ask before choosing a college. Answers to them will narrow your search in finding the best engineering colleges for you.

So here we bring a series of 10 questions to ask before choosing a college for your engineering degree. Read all, and choose among the best engineering colleges for you.

1. Does it have the course you want to take?

There is a saying that the engineering course you take stays with you for a lifetime. While the college you choose stays only for 4 years. Thus, before choosing among the right engineering colleges you must find your interest area. So, always choose the college that offers you the engineering field of your choice. Reading the subjects that you like will make you score good marks and hence you will prosper in the future.

Suppose you take computer science in a reputed college, but you don’t have an interest in computers and coding. It will degrade your performance and you won’t be able to get a good job in the computer science field in the future, because of a lack of skills. Thus, taking a course of your interest will help you excel in your career irrespective of the college you choose.

2. Does it have the proper labs for your practice?

All theory, no practical will keep you away from real-life applications of concepts you read during 4 years of college study. However, the present world thrives on practical and industry-oriented knowledge. So if you don’t know how to apply your knowledge your engineering degree is of no use. Thus, before finalizing any of the engineering colleges for your graduation, find out the status of labs in their college. The lab should have all the modern technology equipment that industries in the present world use.

3. What is the status of the library in the college?

There are 8 semesters in engineering having 6 subjects on average each semester. So, you can’t buy all the 48 books for yourself. Thus, the library of the college you choose must be well established, so that you can get the books of your choice. The best engineering colleges offer the facility of a good library that also gives the environment to study in peace and comfort in extra time or when you don’t have any class.

4. Who are the faculties?

A good coach gives the right direction to your preparation for a good career. Teachers in engineering colleges are no different. Their guidance for the next 4 years will shape your life after college. Thus, always inquire about their qualifications, and teaching quality so that you can get an idea of the level of education you will get there.

5. What is the status of campus placements?

We study to get a good job to lead a well-settled life, and that is the core reason for joining a good engineering college. Thus, among the engineering colleges you have shortlisted, find the status of campus placements in these colleges. You can take the help of alumni of that college to understand recruiters that visit the college campus and the salary packages.

Start with finding, what is the average number of companies visiting the college every year. What is the placement rate in terms of percentage? Also, enquire about the average package secured by the students of the college you are going to choose. Choose the college only if you are satisfied with the answers to the placement questions we mentioned.

6. How is the campus of your college?

All of us admire receiving an education in an institution that has an attractive campus. It is because the ambience of the college campus motivates you to go there daily and never miss any lecture. Thus, always enquire about the facilities your college campus provides. It should have proper classes, smartboards, good libraries, and benches for your proper education.

7. What are the amenities other than education?

College life is the period that allows you to discover your talents. It helps you enhance your personality, by participating in extracurricular activities. Thus, your college must-have sports facilities like playgrounds for cricket, football, hockey, tennis, etc. It allows you to develop yourself in cooperation, teamwork, leadership, and confidence. It must also have cultural societies so that you can follow your hobbies, like drama, singing, dancing, etc. No matter how much quality education you receive, all these activities play an important role in your all-around development.

8. Location of the college?

Choosing a college which you can’t attend daily is of no use. Thus, if the location of your favorite college is outside your city, find out whether they provide hostel facilities or not. If yes, then find the fees of the hostel. If they don’t, then look for other staying options like PG or room on rent. If your college is in your city only, then find how you can reach there daily.

9. How to get admission there?

Every engineering college has a set of eligibility criteria for admission in them. Some take admission via a written test, while some take direct admission based on your score of 10+2. Thus, while shortlisting engineering colleges, find the mode of admission and proceed accordingly.

10. What is the fee structure?

It is one of the important questions that you need to answer while finding the best college for you. So, once you have shortlisted the colleges based on the questions we mentioned above, compare the fees of all colleges that match your requirements. Further, never let fees be a hindrance between you and your studies. Thus, find the mode of payment, is it a one-time payment or in installments. And proceed accordingly.

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