Blog A Complete Checklist for Choosing the Best Engineering College

A Complete Checklist for Choosing the Best Engineering College

"Science can amuse & fascinates us all, but it is engineering that changes the world."- ISSAC ASIMOV

Soon after class 12th boards, most of the PCM students start preparing for various entrance exams to get into the best engineering college. According to reports, more than 10 lakh students do engineering in India every year. Most of the engineering aspirants find themselves at a crucial juncture while deciding on a good engineering course and college.

Well, it is tough to find the perfect college where you can get industry exposure, learn new skills & ultimately get placement with decent salary. Moreover a lot of students stay in a constant dilemma because of lack of knowledge before choosing the best fit out of all the engineering courses.

This article will cover all the necessary points you need to know before stepping into a good engineering college.


If your interest lies in the technical aspect of things, you have always been passionate about machinery & inventions; Engineering is for you. If you want to make an impact on the world by bringing solutions and innovations, then Engineering is the only field that will do justice to your passion & interests.


Engineering is a vast field, there are a lot of engineering courses that may match your interests. Before you even choose your college, you should skim through all the engineering courses and pick out some of the best engineering streams.

Here is how you can pick the suitable fit out of all the engineering courses:
Analyze on your interest

Sit and think, out of all the engineering courses, which one grabs your attention the most? Which one seems to be most interesting to you? The options are endless, you can choose from classic mechanical & civil engineering courses or agricultural engineering, and environmental engineering. And if you are more of an IT geek, Cybersecurity or Information Technology Engineering courses can be the best fit for you.
Once you are done selecting your branch, do extensive research about the syllabus, career scope, salary range, and job options after B.Tech. You can also connect to the experts or the people who are already pursuing the respective engineering branch.
Now that you have picked an engineering stream that is the best for you, let us move on to college.

2. Make A List of Options:

Evaluating various options & making a college list offering those engineering courses may help you to choose the best one-
Research about the colleges offering quality education, scope to learn practical aspects, alumni, previous year placements, & faculty availability of the particular engineering branch you choose.

While narrowing down your searches, make sure to consider the following aspects that is-

Location: Engineering college in your area will be more convenient for you)

Fee & Other Costs: Try to shortlist a college you can afford)

Accreditations: Check all the approvals & the reputation of the college so that your degree gets more worth in the future)

Campus: Do check the photographs of the college campus, if possible do visit it. Check the infrastructure (especially labs) so that you will get an idea if it will provide you a stage to enhance your overall personality & skills with other co-curricular activities & workshops.

Placement: Check the previous data of the engineering college you shortlisted & the percentage of students getting placements.


Most of the engineering aspirants try to get the best colleges for their bright future. They write various competitive exams such as JEE, BITSAT, MHTCET, SRMJEEE, etc. But you always don't get what you ask for; right?

Moreover, poor performance in these competitive exams is not a reflection of your future. Getting a good college is not the sole factor that will decide your success, there are a lot of other things that decide your success:

  • Your knowledge & interest in the subject
  • Your technical & personal skills
  • Your determination & hard work towards your goals
  • Your urge to make a change in others' life , & live an impactful life

There are numerous real-life examples of people having a good successful career after graduating from a normal engineering college.


Engineers play a vital role in today's world, by developing new technologies, inventing & manufacturing new gadgets. They contribute a lot to the overall development of a country & their people.

These are certain skills an engineer should have:
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Innovation
  • Up to date technical knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Enthusiastic about learning new skills
  • Practicing more on your skills
  • Interpersonal relationships with others
  • Determination & passion for you job
  • Particularity, accuracy & alertness
  • Resilience

These skills automatically get polished with time and experience. Choosing the right stream, having the right mentors, industry exposure and zeal to learn is all you need to build a successful career.

Why Trust ITM Group of Institutions?

Since 1991, we have been turning the dreams of engineering aspirants into reality. ITM offers a variety of engineering courses for you to pursue after 12th. The engineering faculty at ITM hails from the top reputed institutions with years of experience and expertise in their fields. Apart from excellent faculty and mentors, ITM believes in imparting practical aspects of engineering. The famous industry players visit our campus for annual placements, this is why ITM provides 100% placement assistance to our students.

The curriculum of our engineering courses has been designed to equip our students with the required skills that industry demands. So, take the first step towards building a successful career with ITM. Want to know more about our engineering courses? Visit us here

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