Blog Career scope in Finance & HR after BBA course

Career scope in Finance & HR after BBA course

The three-year Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) undergraduate programme teaches students the fundamentals of software development and computers. It serves as an introduction to the world of information technology. It is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after courses among young students in the modern era of technical growth, digitization, and an epochal change to an economy based mostly on information technology.

For BCA graduates, there are several job options across numerous industries. You've come to the right spot if you're unsure how to move next with your career after earning a BCA. This in-depth discussion aims to aid students in choosing a career path and walk them through the many employment options open to them after completing the BCA course.

Career scope after BCA

The field of BCA is extremely broad. After the course is over, one can work or pursue further education. There is also the possibility of working for yourself. If you have so many abilities, you could work for yourself or create your own programme. The graduates of BCA programmes might get employment in a variety of software MNCs (Multinational Companies). A candidate can occupy good positions in MNCs if they have the required abilities and work experience.

You can enrol in graduate programmes like the MCA or PhD if you seek in-depth information in this area. MCAs may choose to specialise in management information systems, systems development, or other areas. Candidates who successfully complete the MCA programme may also be hired as lecturers in any reputable universities.

A successful career cannot be started after taking a BCA course without additional training. BCA graduates can enrol in a variety of courses to advance their careers and skill sets, such as the Masters in Computer Application (MCA), Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Masters in Information Management, Masters in Information Security Management, Masters in Data Science, and Masters in Business Administration (MBA)..

In addition to this, BCA graduates have access to a wide selection of short-term courses in coding, digital marketing, network security, and cyber security. The diversification of professional skills and expertise made possible by these new qualifications will increase job security. After completing a BCA course, you have a variety of high-stakes employment options to select from; your choice should be based on your unique tastes and aspirations.

Top Career Options After BCA

Data Scientist

After completing a BCA course, this position is highly sought after because the industry is expanding quickly. To get this position, you'll also need to have extra certifications in data visualisation, big data, and predictive analysis in addition to your BCA. The typical base yearly income for a data scientist, according to AmbitionBox, starts at 11.0 lakhs and can go even higher.

Software Developer (Trainee)

For BCA holders, it is an entry-level role where the trainee is in charge of developing and maintaining software programmes while also learning and acquiring practical expertise in various computer programming languages. The software developer trainee is assigned a pertinent project once they have mastered a certain computer language.

Computer Programmer

The job profile of a computer programmer, which falls under the broad purview of BCA, entails formulating and writing code for computer software. They are also charged with ensuring that computer programmes run more smoothly by testing their functionality and working on their documentation.

System Engineer

You will be required to handle and keep an eye on the installed operating systems and applications in a business as a system engineer. Additionally, you will be testing and setting software applications and system management tools as well as making sure that the organization's personnel have access to the greatest technological infrastructure possible.

Software Developer

A software developer's sole duty is to develop applications that make people's jobs easier and enable them to work more effectively. A software developer also does the software's installation, testing, and upkeep.

Cyber Security Expert

This job role invlves networking, application, and preserving data security utilizing cutting-edge software and technologies, it is a highly sought-after position for many BCA grads. The chances will expand even more with a few more certificates.

Blockchain Developer

In this rapidly growing industry, you can earn a comfortable income with additional online qualification. Working with blockchain technology tools like the Ethereum and Bitcoin protocols, Solidity, and Java is a frequent aspect of the job duties.


Students with a BCA degree who perform well in school and are knowledgeable in their subject area may choose to become teachers when they graduate. BCA graduates are employed as full- or part-time lecturers by numerous institutions and online firms. The salary is commensurate with the duration of training and the soundness of the organization's finances.

E-commerce Executive

With e-commerce becoming more and more popular, new opportunities have arisen for BCA grads. The e-commerce executive is in charge of upholding the business's online and offline presence. The average base income for an e-commerce executive is 2.4 lakhs per year, according to AmbitionBox.

Banking Sector

For BCA graduates, banking professions that often include technological roles have become available as a result of the banking industry's digitization. For the best chance of landing a job offer, applicants must be well-versed in financial, logical thinking, and qualitative ability.

Digital Marketer

The digital marketing industry is expanding quickly, offering BCA graduates a wide range of prospects. Search engine optimization, marketing analytics, and online content optimization are among the duties and responsibilities. In addition to BCA, practical knowledge of web tools is highly appreciated.


The Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is one of the most well-liked programmes for students interested in pursuing a career in the IT (Information Technology) sector. The three-year programme is divided into six semesters. Databases, networking, data structures, and the foundational programming languages C and Java are all covered. Thanks to this degree, students who are interested in computers and want to work in the IT sector as programmers or software developers have several job alternatives.

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