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Bcom is a course designed for students who want to join the commerce and business industry. The program prepares individuals for taking up various roles in  the commerce and management field. Bcom aims at students to be able to work in the fields of banking, accounts, finance, and insurance. The course is a way for students to rise up and understand the principles of management while learning to set up their businesses. 


Degrees in Bcom:

Undergraduate Degrees: Undergraduate degrees in Bcom provide students with a deep understanding and knowledge of commerce and various subjects around it. The degree offered in Bcom lets students study for three years to become a graduate in the program. Bcom course has three categories; Bcom- General, Bcom Honours, and Bcom LLB. Most students opt for Bcom - General and or Bcom LLB for it is what the industry demands. 

Postgraduate Degrees: Postgraduate degrees in Bcom are made specifically for students who already have a degree in Bcom and want to hone their skills by specializing in Bcom courses. These degrees provide specialized knowledge in areas such as economics, business law, accountancy, taxation, finance, and administrative management. 

Course Overview and Structure: Bcom

Bcom is a three-year undergraduate degree with courses that are designed to help students gain knowledge and perspective into working in sales, marketing, business administration, and legal management. With a Bcom degree, the students are ensured that they can work for any business, fintech company, or bank or set up their own start-ups. The students who pass out with a Bcom degree get career opportunities as they are recruited internationally. Students can also study abroad to pursue their PGDGM and master's. 

Course Objective:

The primary objective of the Bcom program is to refine the skills of graduates to be able to conduct tasks in business, commerce, management, accounts, and taxes. The main objective is to ensure that the students are well-placed upon graduating and get jobs along with career growth and recognition for their work. The Bcom course aims to provide students with the following: 

  • The course helps students gain expert knowledge in the field of business administration and organization. 

  • The courses are designed to cater to a rapidly growing and changing work environment with regard to innovation, technological advancements, and market relevance.

  • The Bcom degree allows a smooth transition for the student to understand the academics of business to run it efficiently.  

  • Multiple job opportunities are available for students upon completing the degree as well as several postgraduate options are available. 

  • Understanding of the various integral processes involved in setting up and running a business. 

  • Gain exposure to the demands of the industry. 

  • Build a strong foundation for entrepreneurial and managerial skills which can help in developing a start-up. 

  • Build on several taxation, accounting, banking, and finance skills to enable career growth. 

Course Structure:

The Bcom course is structured over three years (6 semesters) of full-time study, twenty-four different subjects with four new subjects every academic year. The course is divided into the following subjects per year:


Semester 1 


Environmental studies 

Financial accounting 

Management principles and application


Semester 2 

Business communication 

Business law 

Business mathematics and statistics

Computer application in business 

Cost accounting 


Semester 3 

Corporate accounting


Human resource management 


Principles of marketing

Semester 4 

Business policy and strategy 


Fundamentals of financial management 

Indian economy 

Research methodology


Semester 5 

Income law tax and practice 

Electives (choose any 2)

Semester 6 

Auditing and corporate governance 

ECA and GI 

GST and custom laws 

Electives (choose any 2)


To be eligible for the Bcom, candidates must have:

Passed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks

Interested candidates after passing the application stage has to demonstrate an interest in management, commerce, finance, and marketing. 

Written and spoken fluency in English.

Skills Acquired through Bcom:

Analytical skills: The students gain an insight into the judgment required to make major calls in terms of running a business. The course teaches students to read, interpret and analyze data which helps them make better decisions. Students learn to make data reports and present them efficiently. 

Innovation skills: Bcom helps students be creative and innovative in ways to handle pressure as well as tasks that require quick on feet thinking. The course helps students be creative in their approach to solving problems and finding the best suitable solutions. 

Multitasking: Bcom requires students to be able to juggle multiple expectations and tasks while delivering on time. The course helps students navigate and prioritize tasks based on their importance. 

Financial Analyzing: The course expects students to take large chunks of data and break it down by analyzing it. The course teaches students to read and interpret financial and statistical data while learning about derivatives, equity, and portfolio management. 


Problem-Solving Skills: Bcom aims at ensuring students are able to tackle complex tasks such as the lack of staff or mismanagement in accounting while working effectively. 

Career Opportunities:

  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA): As a profession, CA helps in accounting, auditing, taxation, financial and management areas of both, organizations and individuals. As one of the most respectable jobs, CAs are the most sought-after. 

  2. Cost and work accountant (CWA): The job profile of a CWA is to collect, evaluate and analyze the financial progress of the company. They interpret the numbers and data collected to the head of the company. A CWA helps in the planning and strategizing of important financial decisions. 

  3. Insurance and banking services: Most sought-after Bcom graduates are found in the insurance and banking industry. The precision with which Bcom graduates work makes their recruiting crucial. 

  4. Marketing manager: A marketing manager helps set up a campaign, budget the campaign as well as streamline the campaign to get the best results. 

Benefits of the Bcom course:

  1. Organizational skills: The course teaches and trains the students to arrange, analyze and manage large amounts of data in an organized manner on spreadsheets to interpret the data which helps in formulating strategies for the organization. 

  2. Global Outlook: With the help of the course and the case study studied by the students, the individuals can learn about global businesses as well as work for global firms. 

  3. Leadership skills: The course enhances the leadership, ownership, and accountability skills of students as by the end of the course they are recruited as managers having to handle a team of individuals. 

  4. Communication skills: With the help of the course, students hone their communication skills which are an essential pillar of Bcom and the trade aspect of the job. A Bcom graduate must have excellent communication skills to be able to extract data and convince people to invest in their ideas. 

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