Blog Career scope in Finance & HR after BBA course

Career scope in Finance & HR after BBA course

The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA course prepares aspirants for a variety of prospective employment prospects. It improves students' skills in Administration, Banking, Finance, Marketing, and Sales. This post will inform you about the courses you can take and the professions you can acquire with a BBA. After earning your BBA, you can pursue a variety of degrees in business administration or technology.

What is BBA?

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree opens the door to several work prospects in fields such as marketing, education, finance, sales, and government. The BBA program prepares students for managerial jobs and entrepreneurship by providing education and training in management and leadership abilities. Through lectures, practical projects, and internships, students learn about various facets of business management. The BBA course is designed for aspirants who desire to pursue careers in corporate management.

Scope of BBA degree

Students pursuing a BBA course learn both fundamental and advanced business principles. The course does not rely solely on theory; students gain a lot of practical knowledge through internship programs and industrial exposure. Aside from general business knowledge, BBA helps students improve their communication skills and boost their confidence.

BBA graduates can work in a variety of sales, business development, and management positions. Some companies also hire BBA graduates for positions such as production planner, supervisor, and administrator. Many government institutions are constantly on the search for new, competent BBA graduates. However, the two most in-demand areas for a BBA graduate are finance and human resources, so let's have a look at some of the job titles one can pursue in Finance.

Career scope in Finance

For young BBA graduates, there is a wide range of Finance options to choose from. It's a technical degree that's growing more popular among students who wish to work in management after finishing their 12th-grade exams. This degree is also excellent for those who wish to pursue further management studies following graduation. Aside from education, the BBA Finance degree offers numerous job opportunities. This is one of the few degrees that can instantly lead to high-paying management and administration positions. An aspirant can pursue a career as an investment banker, financial analyst, stockbroker, and more.

As a BBA graduate, you can work in the banking industry. You might also take certain entrance tests and gain a job on an entry-level course connected to financial services and investing. Following the BBA course, some job titles in finance include:

Bank Branch Manager

Bank Branch Managers oversee all aspects of a certain branch of a bank. The responsibilities include hiring and supervising all branch staff. They safeguard the bank's profitability by expanding the number of accounts in the branch, granting various loans, and offering exceptional customer service in order to retain excellent customer retention.

Financial Manager

Financial managers assist businesses in the preparation of tax returns, the analysis of financial data, and the alleviation of monetary chores. Financial managers are in charge of a company's financial health.

Financial Planner

A financial planner can assist you in charting your financial life. The Financial Planner assists you in budgeting, saving, and reducing your tax burden, allowing you to leave a legacy for your family.

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst assists businesses in making business decisions based on numerous aspects such as market trends, financial performance, and forecasting results based on completed transactions. The duty of a Financial Analyst is to collect data, organize information, analyze outcomes, recommend, and create excel reports, presentations, and various other financial reports.

Portfolio Manager

A Portfolio Manager is a person or group of people who invest in a mutual or exchange trade. The Portfolio Manager comes with an investment strategy and manages daily trading. A Portfolio manager is a very important factor to consider when investing funds.

Trust Manager

The Trust Manager supervises a significant number of subordinate managers and specialists. The Trust Manager contributes to strategic choices affecting the main area of responsibility.

Security Analyst

Security analysts are in charge of safeguarding a company's digital assets and preventing illegal access. Security analysts are also in charge of creating IT reports and tightening security regulations in certain sectors.

Career scope in Human Resources

All organizations, private and public, large and small, are learning that personnel should not be viewed as a commodity input, but rather as a resource that provides a distinct competitive edge to secure the organization's profitability, long-term viability, and/or reputation.

The BBA in Human Resources course will help students become more effective in their performance by assisting them in recognizing the potential of individuals in the workplace and in structuring a positive, supportive, and constructive work environment that will allow human resources to optimally fulfill the organization's goals. Here are some of the job titles one can pursue in HR after the BBA course.

HR Assistant

The HR Assistant's job is to help the HR Managerwith day-to-day tasks like recruitment, benefits, administration, and payroll. The HR Assistant also ensures that the job of the company's HR Manager runs properly.

HR Coordinator

HR Coordinators are sometimes known as HR Specialists, HR Assistants, or HR Generalists. The HR Coordinator is responsible for supervising or coordinating numerous HR programs and activities inside the organization.

HR Specialist

An HR Specialist's job is to recruit, support, and train corporate personnel. To become an HR Specialist, however, one must have prior experience as an HR Officer or HR Analyst.

HR Recruiter

The HR Recruiter is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including not only recruiting individuals but also conducting background checks. The HR Recruiter has the only authority to determine if a certain candidate is qualified for a specific job vacancy within the firm.


BBA management courses undoubtedly open several doors for professional chances both in your home nation and abroad. However, relying just on your BBA degree may not result in employment. It is always preferable to continue your education after BBA or to enrol in courses that will provide you with the finest career with a good salary. Enrolling in an honors BBA degree at ITM University would always provide you with better prospects after you finish your program.

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