Blog How can I get a job in the USA after MBA in India?

How can I get a job in the USA after MBA in India?

A Master of Business Administration degree is a highly adaptable degree that assists students in developing business skills and leadership attributes. This is why Master’s of Business Administration degree is unquestionably the most popular and sought-after degree by students worldwide since it is more of an asset than a liability. The business administration graduates may assist you in developing new abilities, advanced business skills, networking, and so on.

Jobs in USA After MBA from India
MBA graduates from Indian universities possess a keen interest in getting career opportunities in the United States. This is because the companies in the USA offer excellent employment opportunities with extremely high salary packages.

Is it possible to get a job in the USA after MBA?
Are you often told that jobs in the USA after MBA from India are low? Well, that’s not at all true. While the visa process is a bit complicated, there are an unlimited number of companies willing to hire talented MBA employees for their teams. Moreover, these companies also assist you in acquiring the visa and other formalities. All you need is to possess key skills the top corporations in the USA demand and the right approach.

So the answer is Yes, it is very much possible for business administration graduates to secure a high-paying job in the US. Before we jump into popular MBA jobs in the USA for Indians, let’s understand what MBA is and why it is crucial for a career upgrade.

What is an MBA?

A master of business administration is a graduate degree that offers students academic knowledge and practical training to help them better comprehend the primary duties of diverse management roles. MBA programs instruct students in organizational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource, and business ethics.

Due to all these reasons, MBA graduates are in great demand among companies, especially in the USA, Canada, and Europe. For example, the Graduate Management Admission Council reported that around 80% of employers are keen on hiring graduates in Master’s of Business Administration within the next year, with a projected median salary of $115,000 for freshers.

How to get a job in the USA after Master’s of Business Administration?
Getting an H-1B visa is the first step for foreign nationals (with professional expertise or experience) willing to work in the USA. The validity of the H-1B visa is of 3 years and extendable by 3 more years. Most USA employers sponsor the H-1B visa for their employers, so if you prove you gain a few years of experience in India and prove your expertise during recruitment, you will get the sponsorship from the employer. Some of the top hiring companies such as Bain, McKinsey, Amazon, Google, and Apple provide H-1B sponsorship to the talented graduates from foreign countries to live and work in the United States.

High-Paying MBA Jobs in the USA

1. Financial Manager
As a financial manager, your roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Supervising the finances of the company, various projects, and agencies involved
  • Coordinate with the accounting teams to develop financial reports
  • Provide cash-flow statements along with the profit and revenue estimates
  • Assist other departments in understanding the complex financial reports and other nuances.

If you wish to enter the financial management field, you need to complete Master’s of Business Administration in Finance. The demand for financial managers is high in the USA and worldwide due to budding companies and startups. Studies estimate a 16 per cent growth in jobs for Master’s of Business Administration (Finance) graduates in the upcoming years.

2. Marketing Manager
Whether digital media, news media, entertainment, or social media, marketing managers form the top professional personnel in every field. The internet revolution has resulted in a huge boom in demand for marketing managers whose job duties are:

  • Devising brand building and brand awareness strategies
  • Devising content marketing & advertisement strategies for driving maximum traffic and leads
  • Coordinating the marketing strategy with key departments such as sales, PR, production, etc.
  • Managing the marketing and influencer campaigns while ensuring cost-control mechanisms are in place.

As more and more companies take the social media route, the demand for marketing experts is only going to show a steep rise. Experts are suggesting a 10% growth in jobs for overall employment opportunities in advertising, promotions, and marketing experts.

3. Human Resource Manager
HR as a field is highly in demand in the USA, expected to expand by 9% in the upcoming years. Around 15,000 new job opportunities for human resource managers are expected per year across the USA.

You need to complete Master of Business Administration with a specialization in HR to enter this field. Some primary responsibilities of HR managers are designing recruiting strategies, putting in place procedures for monitoring employee benefits, payroll, and behavior, and onboarding new workers.

4. Management Consultant
Today, organizations face a series of issues in various facets of their work. Markets are evolving fast, and companies need Management Consultants to keep up. This is true, especially for economies like the USA, where tons of new successful startups emerge daily. These companies and startups need problem identification and effective solutions to maintain sound economic health. This is what management consultants exactly do.

They interact with company leaders and clients to expound on potential changes. Moreover, management consultants also conduct quantitative and qualitative research to support the suggested solutions for the issues.

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