Blog How to Decide If Engineering is the Right Course for You?

How to Decide If Engineering is the Right Course for You?

“The world doesn’t need more engineers just for the sake of it, we need talented engineers who actually put their heart & soul into what they do.”

With that being said, let us help you decide whether an engineering career would be the right fit for you.
More than millions of students aspire to be engineers. And thousands appear for various engineering exams in hopes of getting into their dream college and studying their preferred engineering courses. Later, some of them realize that either engineering was a wrong choice or the particular B. Tech course is not the right fit for them.

But why does it happen? There can be many reasons, either they can’t handle the pressure or the hard subjects or they misunderstood what the B.Tech course and engineering course looks like. No matter what the reason is, the bottom line is we don’t want you to commit such a mistake. The decision to get into engineering should be taken only after you are 100% sure that this course is the right choice for you.

How Do You Know If Engineering is Right for You?

Nobody knows you better than you do, so analyze yourself. Why do you want to be an engineer? The recruiters will ask you this question after 4 years of B.Tech. You must ask yourself even before getting into an engineering course.
Ask yourself questions and see whether you really want to pursue an engineering career or it’s just peer pressure.

5 key factors will help you decide whether or not engineering is the right career choice for you.
1. Is Science and Math Your Forte?

Are you keen on studying and practicing the concepts of physics, math, and mechanics? Every engineering course has science & Math as basic subjects, everything else is built upon these. One can only become a successful engineer if they are proficient with these 2 subjects.

2. Are You an Ardent Problem-Solver?

Do you often find yourself to be the one innovating small solutions? The ability to think creatively and solve problems indicates your technical abilities, which are considered necessary for engineers. Throughout your education and career, you will encounter tasks that require analytical, conceptual, and critical cognition. To accomplish the goals, you must make decisions based on certain constraints and stick to them.

3. Do you Like Working with Machines?

During childhood and teenage, were you always fascinated by machines? If yes, then this might be the right fit for you. No matter which engineering course you choose, whether it is mechanical, petroleum, or AI-ML Learning, you will be primarily working with machines.
Moreover, it is always important that you like working with computers. Lately, computer education has become a must in all engineering courses. All designs, whether in Mechanical, Environmental, or Computer Science, are generated using computers. All machine illustrations are created using CAD software.

4. Does Bringing a Positive Impact on Society Bring Zeal Inside You?

Engineers play a major role in bringing a difference to the world by providing solutions to the prevalent challenges. If making a better society and helping the people on a large scale through your work excites you, then engineering is for you.

Do I Want to Go into Engineering?

Engineering is not just about the 4 years you will spend at the college campus. It is much more than the B.Tech. course. A certain kind of job options, lifestyle, and challenges come along with an engineering career that you should be aware of beforehand. So, along with analyzing your interests, also learn about what the career scope is after various engineering courses and what life looks like in that position.

This brings us to our last point, i.e., which stream is best for you?

How Do You Choose Which Engineering Course is For You?

Ok, so now you are sure about engineering. But which stream of engineering is the best fit for you? Do you want to be a petroleum engineer working in the field or does a corporate job as a computer science engineer interest you more? Do cyber security and big data draw your attention or do you want to work towards tackling environmental change? There are more than a dozen engineering courses available; it is up to you to find the appropriate one for yourself. The choice is all yours, think about the various aspects and pick the best one.

Here are 3 quick tips to decide the right engineering stream:
  1. Study, Learn and Analyze: Do extensive study about various engineering streams. Also quickly skim through their subjects and syllabus structure. This exercise will help you take a deep look into these streams and find whether you are genuinely interested or not.
  2. Understand the Career Aspects: Which stream is most in demand? And which engineering stream brings the exact lifestyle you would like for yourself? Also research on the job aspects and career progression. Also, check which streams are high in demand in India and abroad? E.g. AI-ML has been in demand for so long and the trend will stay the same in upcoming decades as well. Secondly, environmental and petroleum are high-paid streams. Moreover, the computer science engineering course is an evergreen giant that also pays well.
  3. Talk to People: Discussing your confusions with college alumni and engineering professionals will bring key facts to your knowledge that you might have not known. As these people are already living the life you aspire to live one day, they know the pros and cons very well. In today’s world, it has become quite easy to connect with anyone, so use the power of social media.
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