Blog How to Join Engineering without Cracking JEE?

How to Join Engineering without Cracking JEE?

Every year lakhs of aspirants fill the JEE MAINS form with a strong desire to study the bachelor of technology course from an IIT. However, the country only has 23 IITs as of now, with a few thousand seats only. As a result, not every student can get the chance to study at IIT as JEE cut-offs remain very high.

So, does it mean you cannot study the engineering course without cracking JEE?

No, that's not true; you can still study your favorite stream from top engineering B.Tech colleges even without cracking JEE.

You can study bachelor of technology in both government and private colleges without giving JEE. Want to know how?

This is what we have specified in this article. Thus read the full, and get the answer to your question,
“Can I get admission in engineering without JEE”?

Can I pursue a degree in bachelor of technology without clearing JEE?
Every student is aware of its potential, and there is no harm or shame in accepting the fact that you can clear JEE or not. So if you feel you are the JEE material, best wishes to you. Appear for the exam and get admission through it.

However, those who lack preparation or don’t have the confidence to clear the exam don’t remain in the dilemma of how to get admission in a bachelor of technology course without JEE.

Study At Government Institutions Without Cracking JEE
Not only can you study at private colleges, but you can also get admission to the government engineering colleges without giving JEE. You need to fill out forms for state JEE entrances and get entry into the top state government colleges. Many central universities are also there which conduct their entrance exam, JMI, AMU, and many others who take entry without JEE score.

Study At Private Institutions Without Cracking JEE
Many private engineering colleges take admission without JEE scores. You need to find their details and eligibility criteria for admission in them. Some of these engineering colleges take admission based on 10+2 marks in PCM. While some of them have their own entrances which assess you on basic and simple aptitude in concerned subjects of PCM.

Thus find the important details, bachelor of technology course offered by the college, location, admission criteria, counseling dates, registration fees, course fees, placement status, and how to apply. Once you are ready with all these details and satisfied with the findings, you can go for admission to any one of the engineering colleges shortlisted. Make sure you also research various bachelor of technology streams and choose the right one as per your interest.

What should I do if I don’t crack JEE?
Suppose you have filled the forms and given the JEE, but what if you don’t crack it?

Don’t worry; you can get admission to engineering colleges in the country. Thus, appear for the exam and give your best if you clear it well and good. But if you don’t, then there should be no problem. You need to search the engineering colleges that take admission in bachelor of technology courses on the criteria that students must have given JEE.

So even if you don’t crack the JEE, you can also get admission to such engineering colleges. However, having marks close to the cutoff will be an added advantage to getting the engineering course of your choice. Further, marks close to the cutoff will help you avail of the scholarship for the engineering course you chose.

Can I get admission in engineering without JEE advanced?
Yes, you can; JEE advanced is basically required to get admission to IIT. However, not everyone who writes JEE advanced can get admission to IITs. But everyone indeed wants to study at IIT, but very few get admissions there. So what is the reason IIT is so popular among engineering students?

The reason being IITs are government colleges that hold a high reputation among engineering colleges. The level of practical education, placement, and placement packages IITs give is unmatched. That’s why everyone runs after admission to IIT. But if you don’t clear JEE advance, you won’t get admission there. However, you need to understand IIT is not the end of the world. Getting admission to a normal government college also serves the purpose we discussed in the above section.

Giving JEE advanced itself means you have cracked the JEE Mains, which can be a big boon for you in your admission search. Many states conduct their state-level JEE exam to take admission to state engineering colleges. However, if there are still few seats left in the state-funded colleges, they fill them based on the JEE mains score of candidates from other states.

So, if you have given the JEE but could not clear the advance, you should not be worried. Instead, find out the state government universities and colleges which take admission based on JEE mains marks of students who have cleared the mains cutoff. You can get admission to state government engineering colleges without JEE mains by clearing state entrance exams.

After doing your senior secondary, i.e., 10+2, your goal should be to get admission in the course of your choice. You should be wise in choosing the right bachelor of technology stream and not the college. The bachelor of technology course you choose will stay with you for a lifetime. But the college you choose will be there with you for only 4 years. Thus, don’t run after finding the best engineering colleges or IITs; instead, focus on getting the engineering course of your choice.

Engineers at the top of their career today are at the top not because they studied at IIT but because they studied what they liked. Hence if you want to do justice with your career, take admission to any decent college nearby your home but in the engineering course of your choice.

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