Blog Looking out for an MBA degree but with one more specialization

Looking out for an MBA degree but with one more specialization

Did you know about an executive MBA in Finance with a Dual Specialization?

MBA at ITM Raipur is focused to bring the best leaders of the market to the students to learn, implement, and execute to become exceptional professionals. 

ITM Raipur offers MBA finance with dual specialization, your choice of subjects would be financing, human resources, and marketing. You can choose two of the subjects to be your specializations. 

Why should you pick an MBA that offers you two specializations instead of one?

You can be an MBA degree holder with a specialization in finance and human resources or marketing! 

Open more doors of opportunities for you. 

In-depth knowledge of two subjects finance and marketing in an MBA gives each student the ability to perform well in the long run of their career. One can also choose to switch between the subjects or be an expert in both subjects. You can be paid much higher than people who are equipped with just one subject. Each student can hold a degree of MBA in finance as well as another subject. 


When you hold expertise in two fields your spectrum of networking will increase over a period. During college, you can intern with different companies for the two subjects and make your resume a remarkable one. You can work on more case studies, reach out to more people, establish connections, and network with people from different domains and backgrounds. Your career will start a mark ahead of everyone else with an MBA finance degree without another specialization. 

Overall Personality 

It is no doubt that your personality will be shaped in way of an expert. But now in two subjects. This must be a win-win situation for you as well as the people who will work with you in the future. 

Dual specialization in MBA finance and other subjects like marketing or human resource will significantly uplift your skills, qualities, and career path without a doubt. 

Why should you consider an MBA at ITM Raipur?

ITM Raipur is a leading college in India to provide the best teaching and resources for MBA candidates to grow in the field of finance, human resources, or marketing. 

Applicable Knowledge 

You will learn about all the theories that are directly applicable to making business strategies and decisions once you step into the market. All concepts that you learn will be of use and not only bookish knowledge. 

Every MBA college teaches the subjects of finance or marketing, but ITM focuses on building the mindset of financially literate graduates. 

Critical thinking 

You will build and foster the ability to think and make decisions based on data. Each student will be trained to be data-driven and understand how the trends of the market work. A deep understanding of company data and market data with critical thinking abilities will yield dynamic market decisions. 

Every candidate in the MBA is able to make smart decisions regarding finance due to extensive learning and training. 

Leadership roles 

Every graduate of MBA from ITM Raipur from any stream like finance or human resource will be a leader who can work and inspire a set of people. It is no doubt that the learning followed at ITM brings out the best in all the students. Each candidate will be fit for a leadership role. 


Communication is a vital skill for students to excel in any skill. If you can study, analyze, structure, and solve problems but not communicate them, it can prove a threat to your career. Any MBA graduate can solve a finance problem but to present It with a solution needs exceptional communication skills. 

Hence, ITM works on building excellent communication skills in students so that they perform well in their careers. Field case studies, interaction with industry experts, weekly presentations, and viva’s are some of the activities that ITM takes very seriously on campus. 

Smart Research 

Any field works on research, study, and decisions. All the students will be equipped to work with AI technologies that are used in the market for better and quick results. 

MBA graduates of finance should be well-equipped with numerous software that helps them build a smart framework for their projects. 


The best infrastructure will be provided to the students of ITM. Laboratories with the best setup to learn all the technology-based learning. Good infrastructure will help students be trained for national as well as international clients soon.

Learning and thriving in a campus where MBA finance graduates also learn about human resource does an infrastructure to support their fast-paced learning. 

With individual attention to every student studying at the university, every student will emerge as a leader in this university. 

What career options can you choose after this course?

  • Management Consultant 

  • Investment Banker 

  • Management Analyst 

  • Operations Manager 

  • Project Manager 

  • Venture Capitalist 

  • Human Resource Manager 

  • Recruiter 

  • Financial Analyst 

And many other options to choose from. 

Students passing out with MBA in finance or other two streams can pick a job profile according to their 

Who can apply for this course?

The eligibility for this course is as follows:

  • Graduation from an AIU (Association of Indian Universities) recognized university. 

  • At least 50% marks in the graduation 

  • Students should have appeared for the MBA entrance exam that is held centrally in India. 


State CET tests are applicable as per the guidelines of ITM. 

When to apply?

One must appear for the above-mentioned exams to get into the MBA finance with a dual specialization program. 

All the exams happen once or twice a year according to the guidelines. 

Check out the websites for respective entrance exams. 

Why should you consider an MBA in 2023?

MBA graduates are the most well-paid professionals in the country at fresher as well as senior levels. This is due to the extensive learning and training making every candidate an important aspect of the company they work in. 

MBA in finance is the top-paid degree and here at ITM, a dual specialization will make you the best fit for any role and company. 

Choose the best for yourself!

Become an MBA graduate with dual specialization. 

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