Blog MBA Courses in Human Resource Management: Salary, Careers

MBA Courses in Human Resource Management: Salary, Careers

What is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

In simple words, HRM is the skill of strategically managing people within an organization and directing the regular working of a company’s human resources to achieve a competitive advantage.

Today, an MBA courses in HRM is one of the most in-demand courses. This is because companies are always on the lookout for hiring certified and skilled HR employees who can bring diversity, flexibility, inclusion, and equity to the workplace. HR professionals concentrate on aligning organizational needs with the psychology of group dynamics to drive growth prospects.

Therefore, in recent times studying MBA Courses in HR has been considered a smart move to differentiate oneself in the job market by sharpening own strategic and people skills.

Roles and Responsibilities of HR Professionals

Working to bridge the gap between employees and employers, the HR professionals look after both the generalist and specialist roles. To fulfill the organizational objectives, the HR professionals have to perform the following duties-

● Workforce planning and management by conducting the recruitment and screening process

● Designing job analysis to maximize the utilization of human resources within the organizational framework

● Addressing workforce issues within an established system of communication by meeting the necessary compliance

● Assessing job performance to determine the retention, promotion, and termination needs of the employees

● Evaluation of training and development program needs of the employees

● Engaged in bringing diversity, inclusion, and equity within the organization for fair treatment of the workforce

Requirements for MBA Courses in HR

Pursuing MBA Courses in HR will help the candidates to understand the industry trends like people analytics. Further, it will help the professionals understand the mission, vision, and organizational culture to promote the well-being of the company’s workforce. MBA Courses in HR prepares the ground for leadership development through critical business skills acquired during the course to facilitate organizational success.

Hence, the MBA Courses in HR emphasizes the vision of ‘Great leaders, Great teams, and Great results’ by learning conflict management in alignment with negotiation.

MBA Courses in HR Management in India

MBA HR Management in India is the most sought-after course due to its wide range of opportunities and high-paying jobs. Since this course ensures the development of business abilities and leadership traits to propel the industry’s economic growth, the blend of theoretical and practical knowledge helps instill good decision-making and leadership skills in crucial times.

Moreover, an MBA Courses in HR Management in India helps make a well-established career in recruitment, talent acquisition, payroll, and other fields to bring organizational success. So if interviewing, recruiting, and managing people excite you, enrolling in an MBA courses with a specialization in HR is the way to go.

MBA in HR Syllabus

The MBA Courses in HR has a specialized program to contribute to the company’s growth and workforce development. As such, the HR professionals require the following skills-

● Conflict management ● Problem resolution ● Multi-tasking ability ● Effective communication ● Ethical and empathetic

To acquire these key skills, MBA Courses- HR Syllabus has to focus on the following subjects-

● Strategic management ● Managerial economics ● Organization theory ● Quantitative techniques ● Business Statistics ● Marketing management ● Accounting and finance ● International and National Labor laws ● HR Information Systems ● Occupational Testing ● Corporate social responsibility and business ethics ● Compensation and reward management ● Cross-cultural and communication management

The MBA in HR Syllabus is curated to instill all the values and visions within the students to develop skilled professionals dedicated to organizational success.

MBA in HR Distance Learning

Recognized as one of the popular MBA specializations, the MBA in HR Distance Learning provides the opportunity to balance job and education simultaneously. As the present-day HR professionals have to perform a wide range of activities, MBA in HR Distance Learning facilitates training to enhance professionals' productivity by aligning communication and management skills. The applicant should possess a degree of bachelor’s in any field before applying for an online and distance course. Generally, online and distance courses have 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. IGNOU is one of the leading institutions providing distance learning for the MBA Courses in HR.

MBA Courses- HR Fees

For pursuing the course, MBA Courses in HR Fees vary according to the institution. For the top MBA institutions like IIMs, the fees range from 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs. Whereas, in other institutions, MBA Courses in HR Fees range between 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs.

MBA in HR Salary in India

As a rewarding career, India's average MBA courses in HR Salary is INR 6.36 lakh per annum. The remuneration depends on factors like types of organizations, working experience, company location, and others. Also, the salary MBA courses graduates in HR specialization in India varies according to designations; for freshers, it may be approximate INR 2 lakhs per annum, while for a Vice-President, it may be around INR 34 lakhs.

Do you want to start your MBA career with top companies with a salary package of as high as 22 LPA?

ITM is the place to be.

The ITM University has been providing MBA Courses in HR with a vision of creating future leaders for the past 30 years. As such, our MBA courses with Dual Specialization provides the benefits of Choice-based Credit & Grading System and Outcome-based education.

Choose ITM for MBA Courses in various specializations if you want to:

Learn from the top faculty with years of industrial experience

Get hands-on training through international collaborations and internships

Learn and network with the brightest minds

Get recruited by top companies with a salary package of as high as 22 LPA.

Hence, our comprehensive education process nurtures talents with an innovative and relevant curriculum. Specifically, focus on industry-based exposure and rigorous research projects are aligned with the professional objectives to endow lifelong skills. Additionally, their top-notch and expert faculties create an all-encompassing educational environment to instill the spirit of inquiry through case-based learning. The blend of theoretical, practical, and required industry-based skill exposure develops innovative thought processes and nurtures open-mindedness, equitability, and perseverance to sustain the vision of ‘nurturing the young brains with the right set of knowledge for a better tomorrow.

Further, the ITM University Raipur fosters critical thinking abilities and data-driven decision-making by imparting comprehensive education on Industrial Relations & Labor Legislation management, Compensation management, Competency mapping & Talent management, HR analytics, HR audit, as well as Human capital simulation and practices. The ITM University Raipur has been emerging as a leading institution to develop future HR leaders who can facilitate the achievement of organizational goals with a comprehensive understanding of legal and ethical matters of businesses. MBA Courses in HR at the ITM University Raipur also emphasizes workshops, industrial visits, internship projects, live projects, and other training and development programs to create a conducive environment for future HR professionals. Thereby, we can assure you that the ITM University, Raipur, will bring bright prospects to the students in HR study.

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