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Online Mba New Way Of Learning

The online or virtual world has taken a toll on all living beings. Especially during corona and lockdown, the online watching hours have increased by 90%, where most people wasted their time on Bing watch. In contrast, others invested in learning new skills and upgrading their education through online mode.
Education platforms came up with virtual learning so that the process of acquiring knowledge and education does not stop. Every individual can obtain skills in his comfort zone. So, it is the best step in the virtual world.
Let us discuss the benefits of virtual education by taking an example of the course in demand, i.e., Online MBA.
Online MBA is one of the most seeking courses currently. Every individual, whether fresher or experienced, wants to upgrade their skills. In part, this is because of the rising competition in every field. People are becoming more aware of future competition. Having a primary graduation degree will not be fruitful for the career; it will fetch the individual with a lower-level job where start pay is hardly Rs.2 lacs per annum or even less. If the individual wants to apply for the higher managerial level post, he/she must have some managerial skill experience, knowledge, or degree related to that particular field. Hence, MBA can be the best option. We know everyone cannot enjoy the college campus course. Therefore, the online mode of learning is a fantastic way to build a career.

Online MBA
Online MBA is a course provided at remote and in the comfort zone. Individuals connect to the class through the internet. They attend lectures with video lectures and online notes. With Online MBA, the students are able to be on track with other students.
It is the initiative the organisation provides for the students to learn wherever they want and where ever they want.

Every individual from any stream can pursue an online MBA. The individual must have a graduate degree, either 10+2+3 or 10+2+4, with a minimum percentage of 50% The must-have cleared MBA entrance exams even to get admission for Online MBA. The types of entrance exams conducted at all India levels:
CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, GMAT, CMAT, State-wise entrance examinations or even some institutions conducted their entrance examination for Online MBA. The student must clear one of the examinations and come to the merit list to get admission to the course.

Online MBA programs versus regular MBA programs.
There is a misconception among people that online MBA courses are not much practical. However, the truth is different. Regular full-time and online MBAs are equally valid and have equal importance. A person can have either go for one of the courses.

Delivery of the program:
In Online MBA, as the name suggests itself, everything is online. The classes are conducted online—everything from assignments to projects and even examination conduction online in Online MBA.
Whereas in the case of a regular full-time MBA, the whole course is offline mode. The classes are held in offline classes. Students attend college. Every subject has a fixed timetable for everyone, and they must follow it. The assignment, project and examination are conducted physically in the college itself.

Course curriculum:
The course curriculum in online MBA is almost similar to offline MBA. The institute also provide theoretical and practical training to their student, but it is on a virtual basis, i.e., virtual classroom.
Regular full-time MBA also includes theory and practical training on the college campus in a physical classroom.

Students enjoy learning at their flexible times. In the Online MBA mode, the learning and teaching both are flexible. The student can adjust according to his schedule. The entire course is online through a Learning Management System (LMS). In other cases of regular full-time MBA, they have fixed, strict and regular schedules of learning and teaching. It is the same for all students joining the course and is not adjustable.

Both courses are of 2year period wherein online MBA, the duration of the course may be extended a bit, but for a regular full-time MBA, the course is two years, and the student has to complete it in that time only.

In an online MBA, relationships between students and faculty are limited to the virtual realm. With a Learning Management System (LMS), students can interact with their classmates and professors. However, emotional bonding is not possible. It is the opposite of a regular full-time MBA; every student and faculty get emotionally connected during the course. They can interact physically with everyone during the course, which is the best part, and they also create lifelong memories.

The Online MBA and regular Full-time MBA institutions provide placement opportunities for their students. Students are trained in both modes for the interview process; the only difference is that one is virtually and the other is physical. The institute provides the best placement opportunity for its students in the best companies.

In online MBA virtual webinars are conducted for their students, interactive live sessions with industry experts, alumni, and professionals. Students can communicate with them virtually. In regular full-time MBA, the students get the opportunity to visit the industry, factory visit and other areas of their field. It is an on-campus training program conducted by the institute as part of its MBA program.

Students can learn sitting in their comfort zone and in their own time. This is best for working professionals who are unwilling to compromise on their job. In a regular full-time MBA, the student must travel to the college, sit in the four-wall classroom, and study. The course is suitable for the fresher graduate ready to invest his two years of life in a full-time course.

This blog must have provided a comprehensive overview of online MBA programs. There are many institutes in towns that provide the course, and everyone has their USP. Similarly, the ITM University of Raipur has its USP as part of the renowned ITM group institute. The institute has provided various MBA courses for 30 years across India, which including the ITM University of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. University Grants Commission of India (UGC) accreditation has been granted to the institute since 2012.
The university accepts the result of various entrance examinations like MAT, XAT, CMAT, CAT, State CET, and ITMUR entrance tests. The university is known for the best course structure in the city.
To know more about the institute and the course offered, please click on the link given below:

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