Blog Post-Pandemic Career Opportunities In Hotel and Hospitality Management

Post-Pandemic Career Opportunities In Hotel and Hospitality Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive shortage of skilled workforce in the travel and tourism sector. Due to the prolonged lockdown and disappearance of the travel and tourism business, millions of people left jobs to find employment in other industries. Now that the pandemic is over, the travel and tourism sector is on a path to recovery. But the shortage of qualified and skilled workforce is a big challenge.

In this light, professionals with hotel and hospitality management degrees can look forward to a secure job environment for many years to come. IHM placements abroad as well as domestically are going to hold strong. Students who are at the cross-section of their school and college life can choose a hotel management course to make a career in the travel and tourism business. It will also help in IHM placements abroad.


Employment Prospects

A World Economic Forum report says 63 million jobs were lost in the aviation, travel, and tourism sector in 2020 due to pandemic-related shutdowns. The industry is still not able to overcome the effects of the lockdown and a large number of roles are vacant across the spectrum. So, there is a greater prospect of IHM placements abroad.  

Jobs for qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals in the hotel, hospitality, and culinary streams have never been deficient. These businesses use human resources as a key capital investment. The success or failure of a business in this space depends on the quality of the human resources. Given this, students should never think that with better education, they can be overqualified for a hotel industry job. The better qualified they are, the better IHM placements abroad.

There are all kinds of brands and businesses in the travel and tourism sector and people with professional qualifications in this trade can easily find matching job opportunities. For IHM placements abroad of the top order, they must go for high-quality degrees and training in the hotel, hospitality, or culinary arts.

The industry offers all kinds of job opportunities from entry-level specific job roles to supervisory and managerial roles. So, if you want IHM placements abroad in an entry-level job as a bartender or pastry maker, for example, you will perhaps require only a short-term course of 3 to 6 months duration.

But if you aim for a higher position in the industry, you should go for a bachelor’s degree in hotel management and keep on adding specialized diplomas and certificates through short-term courses as you grow in the profession.


How to Begin Your Career

You should begin by examining your interest in the hotel and hospitality business. Does this interest you? If yes, for what reason? Are you looking for IHM placements abroad? Do you like to prepare new dishes and amaze your guests? Or does your interest lie in organizing meetings and events?

As a hotel management professional, you will find plenty of job roles that you can take up and perform well. But there would be one or two areas that will keep you inspired and give you maximum job satisfaction. If you can identify those job roles before you join a hotel management program, you will know what you’re trying to achieve through your academic pursuits. It will also help you in finding IHM placements abroad both in India and abroad. Clarity of what you want to achieve in your career is very important for you to remain on track.

If you want to use your interest in artificial intelligence, internet technologies, or accountancy to make a career in hotel management, you’re from the smart breed of new hotel management professionals. You bring exclusive domain expertise from outside the hotel industry to your job in the hotel and hospitality business. For such people, a degree in hotel and hospitality management is a passport to a great IHM placements abroad.

Job profile of IHM professionals  

When you undergo a Bachelor’s level program in hotel and hospitality management, you get to study everything – housekeeping, preparation of foods and beverages, procurements, guest relations, accountancy, and administration. It helps IHM placements abroad. As the hotel and hospitality industry tries to offer their guests the best possible experience, most of these functions not only require a high degree of competence and professionalism but also knowledge of respective software and the latest trends in the market. All these things make IHM placements abroad easier for you.

So, if you have an image of making the bed and preparing and serving the food as a quintessential job for hotel management professionals, you must change that. Your IHM placements abroad may or may not involve that. While these jobs, of course, need to be done they are a minuscule part of the overall operation of a hotel or hospitality property, which needs a multidisciplinary approach to management.

Well, if you think it’s you, thumbs up! You certainly deserve to enroll in a hotel management degree program and it should help IHM placements abroad. Get on with it!


Where should you study?

Hotel management education is as much about building skills as it is about grooming and personality development. The hotel and hospitality business is a service-oriented profession where how you treat your guests is very important. How guest perceives your hotel and its services is of paramount importance. Your IHM placements abroad would depend a lot on how you are able to promote your property and its services.      

But guests being humans may have their shortcomings and can’t be pleased in all circumstances. You must be aware of this dynamics of your profession as you seek IHM placements abroad. So, a professional attitude to serving the guests within the defined limits can work just fine. That’s what you need to learn at your hotel management institute.

Given this, the role of the institute where you undergo the training is critical. While it must equip the students with a superb skillset in the chosen branch of hotel management, it must also equip them with confidence and the right attitude, which are very important for IHM Placements abroad.


Why choose ITM-IHM Raipur?

ITM University Raipur runs more than 40 undergraduate and postgraduate courses including highly-appreciated hotel management programs. Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, is easily accessible from anywhere in India, thanks to its central location. For students in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, it can be a natural choice as the distance is low and the cultural ethos is similar to their own. However, the best thing about ITM IHM Raipur is that it's a part of the prestigious ITM Group of Institutions and that makes  IHM Placements abroad easier. It benefits from the corporate reputation of the ITM Group, which can go a long way in helping the students in finding high-quality internships and placements. Students can also benefit from the ITM Group’s Alumni Network throughout their careers.

Scholarship and Placement: ITM IHM Raipur offers scholarships to deserving candidates. There is a scholarship test at the time of admission and students seeking scholarships can sit for the test and try their luck.

ITM IHM students of the previous batches have secured 100% internships and placements in top hotel properties. International internships and IHM placements abroad are also available.    

Hotel management programs offered by ITM IHM Raipur include:

1. Hospitality Studies

2. Bachelor Of Arts in Culinary Arts

3. Bachelor of Arts In International Culinary Arts

4. Bachelor of Arts In International Hospitality & Tourism Management

5. Certificate Course In Cruise Operations


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If you are in the final year of 10+2 or have passed the final examination, it’s the right time to contact the ITM Institute of Hotel Management. It has branches in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Raipur, and Chhattisgarh. For great IHM placements abroad, you must get into ITM IHM.

You can contact any of these branches for detailed information about the courses and everything that may want to know about them. Let the ITM admission counselors help you choose the best hotel management program for you!

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