Today we all are observing how financial mismanagement and causing disaster and even can destroy the economy of a country. Finance is the backbone of the economy. And proper finance management is a must to run a smooth economy.

Even in our daily life, if finances are not appropriately managed, we can get into trouble for our financial needs. Therefore, finance is the bloodstream of any system. Finance management is essential in every scenario, every household in everyone's life. Consequently, it can be assumed that skills in financial management will always be in demand; hence pursuing finance-related courses is the best option for future growth one such practice is MBA in finance or MBA Finance.

Getting into, of course, which is already in high demand, will help establish a stable career. MBA Finance is a finance specialization or concentration for the students pursuing an MBA. There are various other specializations of MBA, one of which is MBA Finance.

Let us discuss what the job roles MBA finance candidates can get are:

Investment Banker

A company's acquisition of funds for their business is the purpose of Investment Banking. Asset management, financial leverage, tracking the market, and offering advice on when to carry out an IPO or FPO are some of the skills investment bankers should have. It is a high-earning profession that needs a lot of travelling, extra work, and a highly competitive field. A particular type of banking aims to provide capital to other organizations, entities, or government agencies. A corporate, government or other institution's primary responsibility for an investment banker is to raise money from investment banks. There is a lot to learn as an investment banker, and MBA Finance can help you to grab the job.

Finance Research Analyst:

The Finance industry relies on Research Analysts as one of its most vital profiles. And to get into this industry, an MBA Finance is a must degree. An analyst should possess skills that include equity research, fundamentals, technical analysis, valuations, risk management, and statistics. Some typical Research Analyst job profiles are:

Equity Research Analyst

Economic Research Analyst

Financial Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Stock Broker:

What are your thoughts on the markets? Do you follow them closely? What is the basis of Sensex and Nifty? Do you know how it works? Stock markets can be a rewarding career option if you are passionate about them. An MBA Finance degree is preferred, as candidates with this degree will have specialized knowledge of the field.

Corporate Treasury

Among its responsibilities, corporate treasury is responsible for managing the firm's liquidity, capital, and risk, as well as management of the company's financial reporting and control functions, credit rating counterparts, monitoring market risks associated with trading activities and offering analytical and regulatory compliance support. This job profile is very critical for an MBA finance graduate.

Corporate treasury works closely with the CFO, Treasurer and other members of senior management to manage the firm's funding, liquidity, capital and relationships with creditors and regulators.

Asset Management:

Asset managers choose the investments their clients could make—stocks, bonds, pension funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, institutional investments, retail investments, insurance, etc.—to increase the invested wealth. They choose based on economic conditions, client objectives, and risk appetite.

The big companies prefer candidates with MBA Finance for the Asset manager profile. Degrees from universities, community colleges, or accredited online colleges are necessary for MBA finance.


According to the annual GMAC Corporate Recruiter Survey, the Consulting industry consistently ranks among the top recruiters of MBA graduates or MBA finance, with Finance, Energy, Health Care, and Manufacturing tying for second place.

Businesses often encounter issues or targets that require fresh, unbiased, systematic and strategic perspectives to resolve. Consultants play this vital role, often as general experts trained to provide solutions to help businesses function and attain their targets successfully.

Enlisted are a few top jobs in MBA Finance, which the MBA finance grads run after. The job role must have fantasized you.

MBA Finance offers a variety of career benefits.

  • The aspirant gains knowledge and skills in finance and business, opening doors for career development.
  • One gains knowledge about investment strategies, insurance and corporate risks, and local and global economics.
  • One is exposed to training related to finance, investment and banking.
  • A two-year MBA Finance teaches important topics to aspirants, including economics, leadership, strategy and marketing, and statistics.

A hiring company looks for the following skills in an MBA finance graduate.

  • Ability to cope well with stress and work under pressure.
  • An MBA finance graduate needs to have strong numerical and analytical skills.
  • The ability to work in teams and lead teams effectively
  • The hiring manager is looking for the ability to manage projects and time effectively today. If you cannot manage time effectively, no matter what top MBA university you graduated from, everything is for nothing
  • Having effective communication with clients requires communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The man dedicates himself to his work with enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication.
  • Analyzing previous results and performing variance analysis
  • Identifying the trends and suggesting improvements
  • Providing analysis of trends, forecast, and recommending actions for optimization
  • Using Excel functions to organize and analyze data.
  • Creating charts, graphs, and presentations. Teams
  • Developing recommendations to improve business operations as we advance.
  • Self-confidence and decision-making skills
  • The candidate must have logical reasoning skills. They should be able to know how to weigh the pros and cons of your actions or decisions.

Does the enlisted skill decrease your morale, and you start doubting yourself? What if you don't have the skills? Will I be able to land a better job? So don't stress yourself.

All the skills are developed in the MBA finance course. The curriculum transforms an average candidate into a professional MBA finance. You will fill the difference in your personality after completion of the system.

You must wonder, do all B-School offer MBA finance degrees and fulfil these criteria? There are numerous B-schools in town, but very few fulfil their promise. One of the institutes is ITM University Raipur. The ITM group establishes it. ITM group has 30 years of long experience in this felid. In Raipur, one of the best colleges for MBA finance is ITM University Raipur.

You must be curious to know more about the institute. Just follow the link below, and all your doubts will be answered: 

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