Blog The changing face of HR globally

The changing face of HR globally

The changing face of HR globally.

If you’re a professional or are looking for a job, you might have attended several calls from the HR of the company. They are the first point of contact who represents a company and help you understand their current requirements. Right from helping you understand the entity, its ethics, and managing your job formalities; they do it all. They also assist you with your interviews, explain the job profile, your work timings, etc. - acting as a mediator between the company and you.
Well, all this is true, but that’s not the only thing they do. People usually assume that HRs are hired to make calls to the interviewee or conduct various celebrations within an organization. But to be honest, these are just a few responsibilities of their job. They are the spine of a company that keeps it whole, by being the support system the staff needs at all times.

The Scenario Today –

HR is such a short term, but managing so many people is not a joke. Someone once said, ‘Managing people is the most challenging job on this earth; and we all know that’s true. Because, unlike products, people have feelings, they are humans who undergo a lot of work pressure, who juggle their personal and professional life on a daily basis and every day is different. It is commendable how the department handles the entire paperwork, works on in-office events, takes care of your monthly payroll, and on top of it all, is there for you all the time. Especially in case of any workplace grievances or an uncomfortable situation, an HR professional is your ‘Go-to’ person.

But, besides all this, the department was sometimes kind of ignored or undervalued in the past. Luckily, that is not the case today. We, as the corporate workforce, have come to realize that without them, we would be lost, and due to the intense office work, the main legal formalities would remain unfinished. Plus, modern HR is more involved, more intuitive, and understanding regarding the evolved societal changes. Additionally, with mental health issues being raised and taken care of, we all have grown mature and considerate towards each other no matter the department.

Speaking of which, the Human Resource Department today has varied functions laid in front of them. And they are equally respected in any and every workforce today. Let us know more about them, shall we? -

What is the HR department and how does it function?

To precisely describe the Human Resource Department, it is a group of people responsible for managing the employee’s life cycle. Right from recruiting to the exit of an employee, and hiring a new employee, the whole cycle is managed in a hassle-free manner.
Human Resource is a huge concept and they're responsible for onboarding, looking after the training, educating the employee about their benefits, and maintaining the record of an employee. There are a few roles and responsibilities that can be glanced at below.

Recruit an employee The process of Human Resources starts by recruiting an employee in an organization. Every company is different, functions in a varied manner, and has different processes with a dedicated position. They need to understand the need of an organization to fill the gaps. They need to check the budget, requirements and analyze the candidates.
Once the role is decided, it is advertised to reach the right candidate on various online portals. The whole procedure is massive and time-consuming. They have to shortlist the suitable interested candidates, set a date and time for the interview to take place with the department head, and also carry out various email threads during this entire process. Hiring the right candidate refreshes the entire organization, and the wrong candidate upsets an organization. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right people and we cannot boost this point enough.

Handling the formalities
They are the ones who take responsibility for paperwork. They look after everything from the first day to the subsequent day. All your documentation, legal procedures, tax-related documentation, etc. are taken care of.

Looking after the payroll
Payroll plays an important role and this is to be discussed beforehand very clearly with the candidate. They need to ensure the taxes, benefits, bonuses, PF amount, leave allotments, etc. are conveyed to the candidate. If year-end taxes screw you, imagine the taxes taking a toll on them every month. Issuing payslips every month and making sure the payment procedure rolls smoothly is one of the major jobs of this profile.

Conduct strict actions
Usually, HRs are misunderstood due to the disciplinary behavior they take to not lose a valuable employee. Let’s say if an employee is constantly late for several days, they’re responsible for issuing warnings concerning the late appearance in the office.
When such instances occur, the Human Resources department is responsible to take strict actions. Similarly, when an employee wishes to go, the human resource department ensures the procedure followed is smooth and starts recruiting the right fit for the company.
Also, many times a lot of grievances or misconduct take place in a corporate setting and that needs to be controlled and taken care of. Apart from this, if someone is facing any harassment, mental/physical discomfort, or any other issue at the workplace, they always help you sort things out the right way. If not handled well, the company might end up loosing earnest employees due to a mismanaged situation.

Updates policies
Certain policies need to be updated regularly at the same time verifying them at least once a year becomes necessary. It is their job to ensure the policies are updated and if needed certain changes are done to serve the betterment of the company and employees. They also need to ensure that employees and the company are informed regarding the new government policies and corporate rules.

Maintains employee records
Human Resource professionals need to ensure the records of an employee are maintained well. These records help the company know an employee and to identify his/her skills required to fill the gap. Also, maintaining personal data and emergency details are kept secured by the department…just in case of…well…you know emergencies. An entire background check/verification like this is essential so that no frauds take place in the future.

2. How has the definition of HR revolutionized?
Initially, this department would carry out basic tasks of payroll and recruitment and ensure norms framed by the organization are met. Although, in today’s day and age, the work procedure has changed. Employees nowadays are considered more like assets and less like commoners working daily. Now, more impetus is given to their mental health, building fruitful relationships, engagement, and improving the work culture in an organization. Therefore, the job responsibilities of and HR have been updated as follows -

They have to help strengthen the culture

Today, organizations have hundreds and thousands of people from all strata working for them. Overlooking after this huge workforce and maintaining everything, ensuring every person is satisfied with their team, is sometimes a tough job. Therefore, the human resource department conducts various cultural events, programs, and surveys, to ensure the employees are happy.
Improves employee engagement

Well, an employee might or might not be happy in an organization. There are various tactics that human resource management courses teach you. You can get admitted to the ITM’s Human Resource Management course and learn how to improve employee engagement. With the right tricks, you are likely to help both the employee and organization at the same time.

Smart use of technology

Due to the technology, various softwares help maintains the record of the employees. Also, when it comes to updating the policies, the software helps the employees to get timely notification concerning the change in policies. It is easy and convenient on both parts due to smart technology. These factors aid the Human resources department focus on other aspects and build a good reputation of the company; both from the inside as well on the outside. Nowadays, building the profile of a company is one of the major tasks performed by HRs.

3. How are employees treated differently as compared to the previous era?

Well, HR is the one who reprints the company. During the initial days, these professionals were responsible for doing minimal. Today, companies consider an employee as an asset and HRs are the ones who build a strong relationship with them. Right from interviewing to exit, every small detail is followed and the employees are treated as valuable assets of the company. The employees are not only provided with the remuneration but also with recognition and rewards as an appreciation.
Instead, they takes an initiative to keep the engagement at every level of the organization.

4. How do people look up to HR now?

The talent acquisition and recruitment industry works wonders when the right people are hired. HR professionals are in demand as they are the ones who nowadays go out of the way and help the employee at every stage. A professional pursuing a Human resource management course can become an HR generalist and continue to pursue the position of CHRO. You can opt for ITM’s Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management.

The demand for HR is increasing because

They understand the grievance of an employee and offer help going out of their way to help the employees.

They are the support system of any brand/business.

They are a medium between company and organization.

As said they’re the backbone of the company, AND because business/startups are growing rapidly; the demand for HR is booming as well.

5. New age HR
Like every other sector, the corporate has evolved as well. Things have started modernizing, technological developments have been acting like a boon to us. Not to forget the changing mentality, increasing practicality of people as well.

Here are a few major new age changes in the human resources field -

AI-based process
Who would have thought, the world will pause one day. But, virtual recruitments open an opportunity for people as well as help recruiters find the talent beyond the borders. Recruitments have been easy due to AI. This has improved diversity, eliminated biases, duplication of the hiring process, and initiated equality.

Managing performance
Analyzing the performance of an employee is now easier. HRs do not have to gather the information monthly or weekly, instead, timely performance reviews of an employee can be proposed. Tracking real-time evaluation and maintaining transparency allows maintaining the track of expectation and performance both.

Now that every person works from the corner of the home, every HR professional needs to build trust. The company’s data can be breached and cybercrimes may create loopholes in the system. Due to AI-based computation, encryption, analyzing, securing, and maintaining employee information without leaking data is now possible. This helps to maintain transparency as well as expedite the procedure.

6. Conclusion

These professionals easily narrow the gap between the organization and the talent. New technologies allow them to stay organized and at the top of their game.

Also, the thriving professionals can search - what are the courses for human resources and how can they improve the skills for the betterment of the organization. So, take a step in the right direction and embark on a path of excellence. Present your best version and serve top brands by enrolling yourself in an apt course today!

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