Blog Top 10 things to keep in mind when applying for an MBA

Top 10 things to keep in mind when applying for an MBA

Applying for an MBA is a big decision that can change your life if you make the right choice. Many schools have different tuition rates, faculty profiles, rankings, etc. But ultimately, getting into an MBA program will bring you potential post-graduate jobs with higher salaries and more opportunities throughout your career.

Although it is essential to have a good GMAT score, your GPA and GPA percentile matter when applying for an MBA program. Companies do not care much about your GMAT score or college degree (if any). Your career goals, previous experience, and how you can add value to their team and business count in MBA applications.

Is there anything you should have before going ahead and filling out those applications or applying for an MBA?

  1. Selecting a perfect suitable MBA degree

Before applying for an MBA degree, the candidate must decide which MBA specialization is ideal for them. There are various options available for applying for an MBA specialization out there.

MBA in Technology Management  

MBA in Consulting  

MBA in Finance  

MBA in Entrepreneurship  

MBA in General Management

MBA in Entrepreneurship  

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Operations Management  

MBA in Human Resource Management  

MBA in Engineering Management  

  1. Choosing a perfect Business school for an MBA degree

You will get an ample number of B-schools in town. Each is trying to prove they are better than the other. So, for you, it might be not very clear to decide which B-school you must be applying to for an MBA. You must review whether the college is affiliated with the government organization, its achievement, its market position, and whether your curriculum is aligned with the college curriculum. To determine whether the college's infrastructure and fees are meeting its purpose. Choosing a B-school before applying for an MBA is based on a few crucial criteria.

  1. Selecting the mode of pursing MBA.

The candidate must prioritize their things before applying for an MBA, whether they are comfortable with an online, on-campus, executive, or part-time MBA. Numerous types of MBA programs are offered today with their advantages and requirements. Therefore, the candidate must decide which mode they are comfortable with before applying to an MBA program.

  1. Take your entrances exams score seriously:

Applying for an MBA course must be your dream, but the application will help you to be a part of B-school. One must seriously and consistently prepare for the entrance exams to join an MBA school. You have a better chance of being admitted to the top MBA schools if you score higher.

  1. Types of Entrance exams for MBA.

Their numerous entrance exam a student can consider while applying for an MBA program. CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, IIFT, MAT, MAH CET, and IBSAT are some of the top MBA exams in India. In India, over 1,200 MBA colleges select candidates for admission based on the results of the CAT exam. Following CAT, the second most popular MBA entrance exam is CMAT. 1,000 MBA colleges accept CMAT scores across India. The third most popular MBA entrance exam is XAT which is conducted. Over 8,00 MBA colleges in India accept XAT scores. All these are popular entrance exams for MBA at the national level.

There are more than 50 plus entrance examinations conducted all over India apart from the national level entrance exams. We have categorized them into three types:

National level MBA Entrance Exams,

Institute level MBA Entrance Test, and

State level MBA Entrance Exams

As you are aware, the national-level examinations stated above, the same way on state-level MBA entrances, are conducted by the state government. The student appearing in the state-level examination is applying for an MBA in that state. Whereas at national level examinations, candidates can apply to any college all over India.

MBA aspirants can also choose from MAT, ATMA, MAH-CET, GMAT, OJEE, KMAT, APICET, TSICET and other state-level entrance exams. These are a few state-level MBA programs students need to check while applying for an MBA.

Further Institute level MBA Entrance Test means some institute conduct their own entrance exams for their B-school. And the candidate is selected based on a merit cut decided by the institute.

  1. Overall budget for an MBA program

In order to make a wise decision, it is important to consider your budget or the amount you're ready to invest for the future by applying for an MBA. It includes college fees, tuition, travelling expenses, a hostel or paying guest expenses and all your day-to-day expenses. One should see the cost incurred to be minimum. Even if the candidate thinks of applying for an education loan, he must consider all these points before applying for an MBA program, So that it does not have many burdens on your future.

  1. Requirements for International Applicants.

If you are an NRI, there are many things that you need to consider before applying for an MBA. Your profile must match the program's requirements. Most schools have different criteria for an NRI candidate, facilities, concessions, etc.

  1. Preparation for group discussion (GD) round and Personal interview:

Just applying for an MBA or giving entrance exams and clearing it will not give you a chance to enter the B-school. It would also be beneficial if you prepared well for the group discussion and personal interview rounds. For GD, you must be aware of the current happening in the world. The candidate should not take the personal interview round lightly either. In order to be successful, they must present themselves in their best light. You should have an excellent IQ to crack the whole selection process in MBA School.

  1. Keep your eyes on last date of application

All the above steps are necessary before applying for an MBA course. But one should be careful that in their research, the deadline for the application to the MBA program is not crossed.

  1. Placements

The candidate must see that they get the best placement from the institute. The reputed B-school have tie-ups with the organization, and as a result, they can provide the best placement to their students. Consider the prospectus and previous placements at the university before applying for an MBA degree.

ITM university, Raipur, Chhattisgarh

All the top 10 points are fulfilled by the ITM University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, for applying for an MBA course. It is one of the top colleges in town, fulfilling all the criteria of students. Previous ITM passed out students are known for getting a placement at higher positions in top industries with good packages. ITM hold the hand of their students towards success. This one institute you can add to the list of good colleges while applying for an MBA.

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