Blog Top 5 Jobs After without Coding in 2022

Top 5 Jobs After without Coding in 2022

Are you an aspiring computer science engineer? Or someone who is pursuing or completed their B.Tech CSE and now looking at careers after Eengineering? People looking for careers after Engineering often think that being an expert at coding and programming is the one and only way to go in this field.

1. Engineer in Formula One racing aka Race Engineers

“Tech jobs are not only limited to the coding domains, there are an exceptional number of exciting and high-paid job options even for those who don’t know how to code.”
Phew. Now that we know that not all the tech-related careers after Engineering demand you to be a coding expert, let us move on to the variety of job options you have after completing a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering.
What can I do after Btech computer science without coding?

  1. Project Manager in Information Technology Sector

    An information technology (IT) project manager is a professional who plans and executes projects to assist businesses to accomplish their IT goals. IT project managers may be in charge of introducing new software solutions, scaling IT operations, or switching cloud providers for a company.
    A lot goes behind managing technology projects from monitoring the regular progress of the assignment, supervising the quality, and taking care that no essentials are being ignored during the management.
    IT project managers are not required to perform programming activities, but they must understand the fundamentals of what is going on on the technical side of the project. Furthermore, the manager must develop abilities in communicating crucial and technical aspects of the project to the customer. These abilities are critical for the organization's seamless operation.

  2. Technical Writer

    A technical writer is a high-paying job option to pursue as a career in engineering. Technical writers put their technical expertise into writing for technical products and services such as white papers, resource guides, user manuals, etc. Technical writing is not only a demanding career option in companies but also a freelancer option.

  3. UX Designer

    Blogs, programmes, and websites have more than just graphics and text. The phrase "user experience" refers to how end-users engage with a product and is abbreviated as UX. As a UX designer, you must adhere to fundamental client guidelines to guarantee that customers can rapidly browse their goods and acquire the information they want. They do extensive research to understand the customer's demands and pain spots in order to develop a solution that fulfills their specifications.
    The field of user experience (UX) varies widely. Some UXers specialize only in user research, while others may be more involved in product prototyping.

  4. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    Software quality testers (SQTs) ensure that software products developed by a company are of good quality before they are published to the general public. Apart from technical expertise, being an SQT also requires communication skills, analytical skills, time management, organizational skills, etc. SQTs do a range of tests based on factors such as scalability, functional, and stress tests on several client situations to "break" the program in order to uncover flaws and improve product quality.

  5. Network Administrators

    Network administrators are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the hardware and software systems that connect a company's computer systems. Despite the fact that this profession necessitates a high degree of technical knowledge, it does not necessitate extensive coding or programming skills (though they can come in handy for automating tedious processes). They play an important role in keeping a business or organization running. Moreover, network administrators are typically the first persons to be contacted in the event of a major outage or network disruption in an organization.

What can I do instead of coding?

While coding is certainly an in-demand skill, still neither it is necessary for every profession, nor it is meant for every person. Here are the top 15 interesting careers after Engineering you can do instead of coding:

  1. Graphic Designing
  2. UI & UX Development
  3. SEO Specialist
  4. System Administrator
  5. Marketing (Digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.)
  6. Game Tester
  7. IT Support Specialist
  8. Technical Recruiter
  9. Data Analyst
  10. Business Analyst
  11. SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) Consultant
  12. Software Test Engineer
  13. Web Analytics Manager
  14. Quality Assurance Engineer
  15. Project Manager
Is CSE A Good Career Option in 2022?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, with the world going digital every second, there is no doubt in the fact that creating lucrative careers after Engineering with a degree in CSE is very much possible.

Placements and Careers After Engineering in B.Tech CSE

As technology adoption and digitization spread their roots each day, the IT industry is now a thriving field in comparison to other sectors. As a result, there is an unprecedented demand for Computer Science Engineers and programmers making it one of the most lucrative careers after Engineering. Because of the increased demand, IT businesses hire engineers not only from the Computer Science and IT fields, but also from other fields such as Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical. Engineers who majored in CSE, on the other hand, will have an advantage over engineers from other fields due to the information and abilities they acquired in college. CSE has a wide range of placement opportunities. In fact, when compared to other areas, it has claimed the top spot in terms of placements.

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