Blog Why study BA Hons international hospitality and tourism management?

Why study BA Hons international hospitality and tourism management?

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree may be required for numerous job opportunities. Students who have completed their degree may discover that they have a significantly better chance of getting work. It can also allow students to learn about different areas of study that may be of interest to them before committing to a certain course of study.

With the hospitality, tourism, and events industries increasingly focused on foreign tourists and technology advancements, there is a high need for managers who understand these industries and how to personalize services for international guests. 

Students choose to major in hospitality for several reasons. The curriculum teaches a variety of skills such as marketing, problem-solving, and logistics, all of which are transferable to a variety of different occupations.

Overview of BA Hons in International Hospitality and Tourism Management 
The International Hospitality and Tourism Management course of study is created to give in-depth knowledge of the business fundamentals of operating international hospitality enterprises such as resorts, spas, and restaurants. Courses in restaurant management, financial management, event planning, human resources, and hospitality law may be included. Other curriculum components that might be included are research trips and internships.

The worldwide tourist business is expanding at a rapid pace. When it comes to finding a career, graduates of international hospitality management schools may find themselves in great demand. Working at a hotel, conference center, casino, golf course, or cruise company is one opportunity. Students may also choose to pursue a higher-level degree, which may make obtaining an executive-level post simpler in the future.

Highlights of BA hons International Hospitality and Tourism Management
The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program provides students with the expertise they need to work in the hospitality sector. The curriculum for the BA in Hospitality and Tourism includes services offered by the Hotel Management, Airline Services, Food and Beverage business, as well as catering services, housekeeping, and sales and marketing.

Below is the table for the main details of the course






3 years full time

Job Profiles

Cruise Agent, Cafe Manager, Hotel Manager, etc 

Annual Salary

Average INR 7LPA to 11 LPA

Recruiters Company

Hilton, Taj hotels, Renaissance, Hyatt, Oberoi, etc

Everything you need to know: International Hospitality and Tourism Management:
The Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Travel focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary by the Travel and Tourism and Hospitality sectors, including hotels and airlines, to guarantee efficient operations and excellent service standards. The BA in Hospitality and Travel course curriculum includes a wide range of hotel management-related disciplines to give thorough learning.

You must have an intermediate degree in any area and a score of between 50% and 60% to be eligible for a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management. The course equips students with the skills needed to work in areas such as catering, food and beverage, event planning and tourism, and restaurant and lounge management, as well as critical knowledge of the processes and procedures of the hospitality business.

Why Study BA Hons International Hospitality and Tourism Management?

  • Candidates can enroll in a BA in Hospitality and Travel degree to prepare for a position as a hospitality executives in well-known hotel chains and the tourism industry, where they will meet the needs of visitors and the general public.

  • A catering manager is a high-paying job option for persons who are in charge of the meals and services provided at formal and casual gatherings.

  • People may choose to work in the tourism business in both commercial and public organizations, where they will be in charge of organizing customers' and other persons' travel and accommodation arrangements.

  • Candidates may pick managerial roles at prestigious restaurants and hotels to address critical business concerns. They can also operate as owners in the restaurant sector.

Eligibility Criteria 
Interested individuals who meet the criteria listed below are eligible for admission to the hospitality and tourism management course. It is a huge sector with specializations in International Hospitality and Tourism.

  1. Students having a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in any stream who have finished Class 12.

  2. Personal interview demonstrated an aptitude for the hospitality/service industry.

  3. Fluency in written and spoken English


The objective of a BA in Hospitality and Tourism is to prepare qualified individuals for the rapidly expanding service sector. Students pursuing a BA in Hospitality and Tourism gain an in-depth grasp of hotel operations.

The BA in Hospitality and Travel curriculum includes courses in Housekeeping Management, Tourism, Event Planning, and Food Production. The curriculum for this course may vary in every college, but the essential elements stay the same. The following table summarizes the major subjects covered in this BA in Hospitality and Travel program:

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Accommodation Operations

Management Accounting

Special Events Marketing

Business Communication and Etiquette

Food & Beverage Service Operation & Management

Convention Management

Food & Beverage Service

Management Accounting

Aesthetic Awareness

Food Production & Patisserie

Human Resource Management & Law

Hospitality Supervision & Training Skills


Hospitality Marketing

Conference & Exhibition Management

Front Office Operations

Contemporary Issues in Hospitality

Service Management

Accounts & Finance

Approaches to Research

Food & Wine

IT in Hospitality Industry


Catering Management

Tourism Management

Principles & Practices of Management

Security and loss prevention


Hotel Engineering


Nutrition & Food Science

Dining Room Service


Scope of Degree in International Hospitality Management

A Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management degree provides several chances in a variety of sectors of the hospitality business, ensuring a bright and steady career.

  • Candidates enrolling in this program may continue their studies after completing this degree. They might pursue a master's degree to get a deeper understanding of the field, and they can also work as research associates and teaching professors at hotel management institutions and universities.

  • Candidates can also work on their projects and assignments, such as creating their own restaurant or hotel chain, and therefore become entrepreneurs.

  • Candidates may always find work as catering executives and managers, and they can actively participate in duties linked to catering services.

  • Candidates can also work as bartenders and food and beverage specialists in resorts.

  • Candidates may also work in event facilities, where they will assist in the management of direct formal and casual events at hotel chains and resorts.

  • Candidates can also seek a profession in spas and healthcare services, where they can work in the administration or personnel department giving physical treatment or assisting in the organization of relaxing activities for visitors.

  • Candidates may also be able to work at major hotel groups and resorts.


The BA Hons International Hospitality and Tourism Management program offers a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills applicable to the global hospitality and tourism industry. The program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of international trends, cultural nuances, and business practices. Through internships, industry placements, and real-world projects, students gain valuable insights and hands-on training, preparing them for the complexities of a globalized industry. 

The international perspective in the curriculum enhances adaptability and cultural intelligence, essential attributes in an industry where personal connections and understanding play a pivotal role. Studying BA Hons International Hospitality and Tourism Management is an investment that pays dividends throughout a lifetime, shaping students' careers and worldviews.

Why Wait to Explore?
The BA Hons International Hospitality and Tourism Management program offers a unique academic journey. For more information, visit the official website, which provides detailed information about the curriculum, faculty, admission requirements, and opportunities. 

The admissions office can provide tailored assistance and answer questions about admission criteria, scholarship options, and upcoming events. Engaging with the program in the comments section can contribute to a vibrant community discussion. Join the journey for academic and professional growth.

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