Blog What is the future in BA (Hons) Applied Psychology?

What is the future in BA (Hons) Applied Psychology?

Every human being goes through some trouble. Mental stress increases due to problems and psychological imbalance occurs due to their mental health issues. Due to this fact, mental health awareness has become very important. 

The field of psychology has become increasingly important in the modern era. This is mainly because mental health is becoming more and more of an issue of concern. Psychology is concerned with executing psychological theories and techniques in real-world situations.

Applied psychologists' skills and expertise may make people's lives happier and healthier. The more complex the world gets, the more people need to be trained psychologists.

Applied psychologists can improve their quality of life and well-being using their knowledge and abilities. There is a growing need for trained psychologists as the world gets increasingly complex.

You may prepare for a fulfilling career with a BA Hons in Applied Psychology study program. Learning about the newest psychological theories and researching their real-world applications are both aided by this degree. If you have a great passion for helping people, This blog will help you explore BA Hons Psychology.

What is BA Hons Psychology?

The study of human behavior is called Psychology. The field of Applied Psychology focuses on therapy, principles of psychology, and scientific methods in use practically. It teaches students to solve the problems of human behavior including education, health, and problems related workplace.

Clinical psychology, counseling services, medical psychology, and forensic psychology are only some of the specialization areas that are included within the broader field of applied psychology. You will study conflict resolution, research, group dynamics management, behavior comprehension—especially consumer behavior—and human development while completing your degree in applied psychology. You will also improve your professional writing and presentation skills while pursuing this degree.

Why Get a Degree in Applied Psychology?
It's important to take your chances of getting a job opportunity after a BA Psychology into account while selecting a college degree. Psychology is one area where demand for jobs is expected to expand. BA Hons psychology can lead to jobs in clinical psychology, counseling, or therapy, but it can also provide you the skills you need to work in a variety of other professions, such as:

  • Education

  • Marketing

  • Human resource management

  • Conflict resolution

  • Criminal justice and corrections

  • Social services

  • Technology

Learning how to write effectively and organize complicated ideas are two skills that a graduate in BA Hons psychology may give you that are useful in any field of work. Some psychology undergraduates pursue master's degrees in different fields after completing their undergraduate studies.

Applying psychological theory and methods to real-world, practical situations is usually the main focus of an applied psychology bachelor's degree program. BA Hons Psychology colleges build professionals with the ability to enhance group dynamics, raise performance, and forge enduring bonds with clients in any setting is the aim.

Scope in future for BA Hons Psychology after graduation:
An excellent foundation in psychology opens job opportunities after a BA Hons Psychology to work in human resources, counseling, research, and teaching. It serves as a springboard for more advanced psychological coursework.

BA Hons psychology gives a variety of job options. Graduates can go on to seek further study in psychology or find employment as market researchers, HR specialists, or counselors. The need for psychologists is growing as mental health becomes more widely recognized, offering a viable career path. It also offers a solid basis for graduate work in psychology or related subjects.

  1. Clinical Psychology: Graduates who wish to become licensed clinical psychologists might pursue postgraduate degrees in clinical psychology. They assist people in leading satisfying lives by diagnosing and treating mental health conditions.

  2. Counseling Psychology: Graduates in psychology can find employment as counselors, offering assistance to people in various settings, such as clinics, private practices, and schools, who are facing emotional and personal difficulties.

  3. Healthcare: The field of psychology is an essential part of the healthcare field. BA Hons Psychology graduates can work as health psychologists in clinics and hospitals, helping patients adjust to new lifestyles, manage chronic diseases, and deal with stress.

  4. School psychology: School psychologists cooperate with teachers and parents, support kids' social and emotional needs, and work in educational settings to meet their requirements.

  5. Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Graduates with a BA Hons Applied Psychology area of expertise can work as industrial-organizational psychologists in the business sector, assisting companies in enhancing organizational culture, worker happiness, and workplace productivity.

  6. Forensic Psychology: Expert testimony in court, criminal investigation functions, and witness evaluations are all part of the job that forensic psychologists do in legal environments.

  7. Human Resources: Graduates with a BA Hons Applied Psychology have a solid basis for jobs in HR, where they may support businesses with talent management, staff development, and dispute resolution.

  8. Advertising and marketing: It's essential to understand customer behavior in these fields. Psychologists can study consumer behavior and create successful marketing strategies in various businesses.

  9. Social services and nonprofits: Graduates can work for nonprofits that tackle societal problems including addiction, homelessness, and domestic abuse.

The Foundation: BA Hons Psychology Colleges
Choosing the best college is the first step toward a successful academic career. Beyond the classroom, the diverse array of career opportunities opens doors to a multitude of paths, from clinical psychology to research analysis. One of the best colleges for Psychology in Raipur is ITM University where the academic environment, faculty expertise, and resources play pivotal roles in shaping a student's educational experience.

BA Hons Psychology: In Detail


BA Applied Psychology


3 Years


Qualified 12th Class with a minimum of 50% aggregate

Job Roles after Graduating

Development Psychologist, Clinical Psychology, Educational Counsellor, Forensic Psychologist, etc.

Career Growth

An Applied Psychology graduate can easily get an opportunity to work with psychologists in Businesses, treatment centers, Clinics, hospitals, etc

Average Salary 


Highest Pay 


Gaining a B.A. Hons Applied Psychology can open doors to a world of empathy, understanding, and positive transformation. This area integrates knowledge with practical application, theory with practice, and science with empathy. This program can be a good fit for you if you have a strong desire to improve people's lives and understand the human mind. It's the first step in understanding the complex nature of the human condition and applying that knowledge to better society. This is where your adventure into the fascinating field of applied psychology starts!

Start your exciting adventure into the field of applied psychology! A meaningful and influential job can be attained with a B.A. Hons Applied Psychology. Through understanding this blog, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding your educational path and set yourself up for success in addressing real-world issues and improving the welfare of people and communities. Get your questions answered at ITM Raipur University and explore more about the BA Hons Psychology program on the website.

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