Completed with your bachelor’s degrees and looking for higher studies for further promising growth in your career?

MBA, i.e. Master’s Degree in Business Administration, is one of the best choices you can look for. No, don’t think it is only for people who have a business background or are already involved. You can pursue an MBA from top MBA colleges to excel in finance, accounting, operations, HR, hospital management, etc. Yes, it is also beneficial if you wish to become an entrepreneur in the future.

To sum up, along with excellent opportunities for placements after MBA, the degree also arms you with skills, knowledge, and attitude to become a leader in your field. So this article will give you all the insights you need about MBA career paths and salaries.

Why do we study? Why do millions of students sit for entrance tests to get admission into top MBA colleges?

Your answer will be to get a job. Indeed this is the answer, but there is a difference between getting a job and a satisfying career.

The ultimate goal of acquiring any degree is to get a satisfying job, including a high salary, more responsibilities, high stability, etc. Placements after MBA provide you with job satisfaction, high wages, and anything you wish to see in a successful career.

MBA is sought by students and professionals both to fast-track their careers. Some may use it to switch their careers, while some use it to get salary upgrades and responsibilities at work. Surveys conducted in recent times show that people who graduated from TOP MBA colleges are satisfied with their MBA job salary and the work culture.

Jobs after MBA in India from top MBA colleges will easily give you an average salary of 12-15 LPA. Further, with the right skills and aptitude, you can choose among the highest paying MBA jobs. In totality pursuing MBA from top MBA colleges is a highly rewarding option for students who are motivated to take their and their organization’s future to the highest level.

An MBA degree is a level up from your graduation degree, and what makes it different from other career options is the training it gives you to meet real-time industry challenges.

Thus pursuing a Master’s from top MBA colleges helps advance the careers of professionals like you. Further, with more skills and knowledge comes a more set of responsibilities. Thus, jobs you get after MBA offer you management roles in business, sales, human resources, engineering, health care, technology, etc.

The management role fills you with ownership of the company; you need to make decisions and create policies that will impact the organization's future. Thus, the level of responsibilities you get is highly sensitive. So to keep the MBA employees motivated and working proficiently, companies give high MBA job salaries to them.

Pursuing MBA from top MBA colleges gives you placements that offer you management positions in fields of your expertise. Top-level companies such as Deloitte, Google, KPMG, EY, etc., often visit these top MBA colleges to provide placements to deserving candidates in their company.

Below we give you the list of the top 5 highest paying MBA jobs you can get after placements:

● Financial Manager

MBA in finance offers you the role of financial manager in an organization. As a financial manager, your responsibility is to manage your company's funds. You need to ensure that the organization's bank accounts are running well with no defaults. Take regular feedback from staff on all the financial paperwork of the company. It includes creating financial statements monthly and annually.

You also need to generate business activity reports, profit reports, cost reports, and all the other finance-related reports that concern the monetary issues of the company. As the finance manager, companies expect you to be proficient in the domains of retail and credit agencies, the banking sector, etc. Given the rapidly increasing growth, the finance sector is expected to provide at least 19% more jobs in the next 4 years.

● Marketing Manager

The marketing team of any company is responsible for the revenue generation for the company as they bring leads that can convert to potential customers of the company. Also, the marketing field is full of incentives, perks, and high salaries. So the more customers you generate the more benefits you will get.

Thus, as a marketing manager, your job will be to design policies, strategies, and advertisements, to bring customers to the company. You need to understand customers' requirements, create a vision for them, and show how your organization can meet customer demands. Hence, it demands excellent formal presentation, communication skills, and public relations.

● Sales Manager

The sales department is the next vertical after an organization's marketing department. After the placements, pursuing sales management from top MBA colleges offers your sales manager role in top companies. It provides you with an exciting role and responsibilities to design strategies for reaching new customers, maintaining current customers, and keeping cordial relations with former customers, so they once again choose your company only.

It needs you to be proficient in customer relations skills and manage the same for the company. So as a sales manager, you need to be highly motivated, goal-oriented, and a team player. You need to set targets for the team and keep tracking the meeting by pushing and motivating your team.

● Senior Product Manager

Customer needs are changing, and so are their products. Thus, companies hire product managers to develop new products and services as per the customer demands. Therefore, as a product manager, you need to analyze the market, understand needs, design strategies, recommend new products, and oversee the development of same from start to finish.

● Business Operations Manager

Graduating with an Operations Management degree from top MBA colleges offers you a business operations manager. It needs you to manage all the work of all the company departments. You need to ensure smooth coordination among all the departments and find constraints, if any.

You need to design and formulate strategies that can ease the working and reduce turn-around time among all the company's teams. To sum up, this role gives you the onus of running the whole company, and hence it becomes one of the highest paying MBA jobs.

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