Blog Top 5 Unconventional & High-Paying Career Options After B.A.L.L.B

Top 5 Unconventional & High-Paying Career Options After B.A.L.L.B

Legal education in India has experienced remarkable transformation. It is no longer merely about theoretical learning from thick books. In current times, the best law institutions in India offer a dynamic curriculum crammed with outstanding interactive activities that give the students with a variety of options which help towards their all-round growth.

One of the most popular choices amongst the professional degrees in India is a LLB course, i.e., a degree in law is greatly sought after. A LLB course focuses at changing an individual into a well-rounded character, with a good legal knowledge reinforced by fine analytical abilities and articulation. From the vibrant and active mooting culture to the creation of legal aid services at college level, court visits, debating events, simulated trials and much more, legal education in India has come a long way.

Law Offers a Wide Range of Career Opportunities

Having earned a Bachelor of Laws degree, legal professionals are eligible to apply for positions in any of the 3 most important branches of the government. Nonetheless, only a LLB course will qualify you for a promising job in the Executive and/or the Legislature. However, a law degree will serve as your passport to entry into the Legislative wing. An attorney's job description does not confine him or her to the courtroom or to legal disputes alone. Many other types of possibilities exist in a variety of different industries, including legal firms at corporate headquarters, administrative law firms, alternative dispute resolution units, and so on.

Don't be fooled by the black and white uniforms into thinking that the practise of law is about insipid cramming of lengthy processes and statutes. The beauty of law rests in the very skill of interpreting it in all of its varied dimensions, which infuses this subject of study with a plethora of colours of creativity.

Top 5 Careers After a LLB Course

A law graduate can pursue a variety of different job paths after graduation, including the following ones:

1 - Litigation
What is Litigation and how does it work?

Litigation, in its most basic definition, means legal processes that happen in a court and necessitate the participation of two attorneys who advocate their case. A skilled litigator carefully understands their client's case, prepares it, aids him or her, and argues it in court or before a judge.

Even though a law graduate can start their practice as soon as they finish their LLB course degree, today the litigators are narrowing down to specific niches. The prime reason behing niching down is to broaden their horizons of knowledge and improve their professional standing. Civil/criminal law, business law, human rights law, labour law, and other sorts of specialisations are available in the field of law, among others.


Litigation is a fascinating and often rewarding field of study. One can begin practising law under the supervision of a trial court attorney and work their way up to the higher courts over time. A career in litigation is one that is both time-consuming and demanding. Uncertainty over whether or not you will be able to establish yourself as a successful and sought-after litigator will always loom big in the background.

Consider this job option from the standpoint of pay; new graduates in LLB course may find it difficult to make ends meet in the starting stages of their professional lives. When it comes to initial salaries, institutions such as the Delhi High Court give somewhere between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000 per month for new hires. Despite the fact that senior and established attorneys might earn up to Rs. 2,00,000 per month, the road to success is lengthy but interesting.

2. Join corporate law firms

As a BA LLB course student, you will have several learning opportunities that will equip you to seek a career in the corporate sector as a legal professional. Corporate sectors also include a number of prestigious law firms, where a graduate may be offered a significant compensation package after graduation. However, the law institution from which you graduated with your BA LLB course may have an impact on the compensation package that you are given. As previously said, your ability to cope with the stress of working in a very competitive and difficult professional path will determine whether or not you will become one of the renowned lawyers in your field. The reputation and branding that NLUs have earned over the years may provide graduates of these institutions a modest advantage over graduates of other law colleges in India in this field.

3. Join judiciary

Among the lucrative and prestigious careers in India, BA LLB course graduates can sit for a judicial test and become a judge. Graduates who wish to become judges can do so by passing a judicial test. The Indian judicial system is now short of judges and attorneys to handle lakhs of cases. A judge's work is valued and desired, and there is a need to attract additional judges. Graduates can sit for several judiciary examinations, either state-based or national-level.

4. Policy analyst

The lawyers have a wide range of planning and legislative instruments at their disposal, making them the best choice for the job. Think tanks that hire public policy analysts on a regular basis are:

  • Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy
  • Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore
  • NIPFP Delhi, ORF Delhi
  • Centre for Policy Research Delhi,
  • Takshashila etc.
5. The Indian Armed Forces and the Indian Government Services

Students with degree LLB courses are also recruited for Indian legal services and other positions such as legislative counsel and legal advisers in the Legislative Department. Legislative Counsels have their own official language division in Hindi and other regional languages.

Selected individuals can join the Indian Army, Air Force, or Navy. They hold disciplinary hearings and court martials for army soldiers who break the rules.

The legal area offers a plethora of prospects; yet, in order to be successful, it is vital to combine your passion with your career ambitions. Prepare yourself by becoming well-informed about your options and making an educated decision before settling on a professional path. After compleing your LLB course, you will have a plethora of professional opportunities at your disposal.

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